Thursday, May 20, 2010

That's My Boy!

Now...What do you suppose he is thinking?

One afternoon a week or so ago, I asked Cade's mama to drop him by for an hour or so on her way home from work. I hadn't visited with him in a few days, and was ready to spend some time with him.
Even though Cade and his mama had been at preschool all day, Cade was still clean and fresh looking--like always-- when he got to our house. Of course, that didn't last long!
Cade's first stop was the sandbox. He loves playing in the sand. He even took a bite of it the other day...he wasn't impressed with the taste at all. We laughed and gave him something to drink!
After checking out the sandbox for a bit, Cade noticed something new...
Madison had just gotten a new swimming pool the day before. It was half full of water...and you know how water is like a magnet for little boys.
Of course being the little boy that he is--Cade had to throw an object into the pool. The problem came when he decided to try to retrieve that object. As Cade leaned in toward the pool, the side began to collapse...and the water began to flow...then Cade got all wet--shoes and all!
I only had the little fellow for an hour and he managed to get wet and dirty...I had to take him home wearing only a diaper...Then I had to explain to his mother what happened to him...What can I say, except "That's my boy!"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Like In The Movies...

After having just over a year of getting used to the idea of having a cousin, Madison has fallen in love with Cade. She thoroughly enjoys playing with him now. Now that he's finally big enough to do some things, she likes to try to boss him around--or join in whatever fun he's having.

I'm not sure that I've mentioned it on this blog or not, but Maddie and Cade live just down a dirt road from each other. They can actually see each other's houses. In fact, our entire family lives on the same 30 acre family farm.

One afternoon last week Madison saw Cade in his backyard with his daddy, and she asked to go down and see them. Brandy and Madison walked down the road to get their mail(our mailboxes are by the road), and to see what the father and son duo were up to. Of course, Junior, Brandy's old white dog, decided to join them on their walk.

Brandy said that as she and Madison got close enough for Cade and his daddy to realize that she and Madison were coming down the road--Cade and Madison began to run toward each other on the road! She said it looked like a love scene out of a movie...The two of them running to meet each other...Then Cade ran right past Madison and put his head on Junior the dog! Too funny! I wish I'd seen that moment myself. Poor Madison--passed by for Junior the dog...Life just ain't fair sometimes...
It didn't seem to bother Madison, though. The two cousins went on to play and have a great time in Cade's yard. Just yesterday, Madison was asking to go back and play again...