Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look Who Was Talkin' and Showin' Her Attitude...

I'm still in the midst of tagging and organizing thousands of photographs.  I've decided that no one should have this many photographs!  I have deleted some, and now have my collection of digital photos down to only 12,000! 

I've also discovered that I have more photographs of Madison than most grandparents have of all grandchildren combined!  I have approximately 1500 photos of the child!  I couldn't help myself...she was a great subject--right up until the time she decided that she didn't like having her picture taken! 

I have about half as many photos of Caden, simply because I don't see him as often--and he won't be still long enough to get a picture of him!  We'll have to see how it goes with little boy number three when he arrives. 

In the pile of unorganized mess of my photo gallery, I discovered a couple of cute movie clips of Madison learning to talk.  I laughed when I saw them.  Even a very young Maddie was exerting her independent streak!

A comment was made just yesterday,  about how Brandy and Madison are always battling it out  to see who the boss is.  Maddie's mom quickly replied, "Oh, I already know who the boss it, I'm just waiting for Madison to figure it out!"

Here are the movie clips, rolled into one little movie:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trying So Hard...To Break This Habit

 It wasn't long into little Maddie's young life before it became evident that she was going to be a "thumb


Well, not actually a thumb sucker--more like a finger sucker, although she did start out sucking her thumb for

a short while.

Of course, one finger just wouldn't do the job, so pretty soon it became evident that Maddie would suck not

one, but two of her fingers!

Thumb and finger sucking has never really bothered us.

All three of our children sucked either their finger or their thumbs, and all of them stopped eventually.

However, lately, Maddie has been sucking her fingers more than ever before.

With the start of preschool right around the corner, Maddie's mom began thinking...about all of those germs

that will be lurking in the classroom.

It's time to give up this comforting habit--for the sake of health and teeth!

Maddie's mom gave her some helpful incentive to stop sucking her fingers.

If Madison can stop sucking her fingers, she will get to go to Disney on Ice in a few weeks.

So far, so good.

Madison is really trying hard.

I hope she's successful...and gets to go to Disney On Ice.

Go Maddie!  MiMi's rooting for ya'!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Sad Eyes...

Last week, Caden's mom posted this picture of him on Facebook--after he'd just finished getting his hair cut!  His eyes are all "sad" from crying during his haircut. 

Yes, it's true, the boy still hates to get his hair cut--after eighteen months of having it done!  Christina says that at least he sat in the chair this time, and agreed to wear the cape--so he's making progress.

Looking at this picture makes me have sad eyes...Gone is our little "babyish-looking" Caden.  He's been replaced by an older, more "boyish-looking" Caden...and believe me, he's all boy! 

Trucks, tractors, trains, tools, rocks, and running...that's what Caden's "into" these days...and growing up, of course!