Saturday, September 12, 2009

Six Word Saturday--Describe Your Life in Six Words

I'm joining in the blog hop called Six Word Saturday again! It's fun, I can only use six words to describe my they are...

Enjoying myself at the beach today!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun on Friday... "Tell Me!" Contest/Give Away

It's Friday and time to have a little fun! Today you will have a chance to win this cute set of salt and pepper shakers with matching dish towel. I really like them, they make me excited about the upcoming fall season!

This is what you have to do to be entered in the contest/give away. "Tell Me" the answers to the questions in the form of a comment. There are 5 questions for a total of five chances to win. You may answer any or all of the questions The contest/give away ends at midnight EST on 9/20/09. On Monday, 9/21/09, a winner will be drawn from the entries submitted. The questions are listed below....

(1) Tell me what is the name of the community where Caden and our family lives. (May 28th post)
(2) Tell me who went along with my husband and me on our anniversary trip. (June 20 post)
(3) Tell me one of the things that Caden did when I gave him his Tiny Toy Box. (August 7 post)
(4) Tell me one thing that I revealed about myself in this post. (July 12 post)
(5) Tell me how old the toy is that Caden is holding in the picture. (Sept. 8 post)
Good luck, have fun, and please come back again....

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It Was Almost Like Magic!!!

I knew this from past experience of raising my own children, but was reminded of it again during the past week--"Never under estimate children!"

After over three months of trying to get Madison potty trained....Poof!....Like magic she is trained! Madison went from not using the potty to being fully trained in just over a week! It's a miracle!

Madison's mother tried a couple of new tricks with Madison which seemed to give Madison that push that she needed to get the job done! I wrote about those tricks in this past Monday's post, if you are interested.

The real "kicker" to this whole potty training thing came on Tuesday night, when Madison came to her mother and announced that she had "pee peed all by herself, and emptied the potty!" Now that is magic! Believe it or not, Madison had pulled off her panties, used the bathroom, emptied the potty bowl(without spilling), and put the potty chair back together again! Now, that's what I call progress!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If There Was Such a Thing...He'd Be"The Perfect Baby"

I had the pleasure of this "little man's" company for the entire morning today and I enjoyed every minute. I enjoyed getting some of that "early morning sugar"...babies are sweetest first thing in the morning!

I've kept Caden for at least once a week, for a while now, and he's always the same- put him down, give him a few toys, and watch him have fun. He'll let you know when he's hungry or sleepy---otherwise, you'll never know he's there. He rarely cries or whines. If you want to see him go "wild" put him in the jumperoo. He hops like a kangaroo! He adores the jumperoo!

Of course, now that he's getting older, almost nine months, he's busier than before--trying to crawl, but usually going backwards. He's also looking for things to pull up on and trying to do that. In addition to those new skills, he's learning to talk. He says "who's that", which sounds more like "huzat"! He is also trying to say "Uh Oh", which comes out sort of like "Oo Oo"! I love it now that he's more vocal--especially since he doesn't cry much.

Cade's holding one of his favorite toys in the picture. It's actually an old toy that belonged to my youngest son. It's made by Fisher Price and it's 24 years old! I have lots of toys made by FP that have survived all three of my children and now the grandchildren are enjoying them--great toy company! Old Fisher Price toys bring high prices on e-bay, but I would never sell mine...too many good memories attached. I'll just keep them around and let my grandbabies make some more good memories with them!

Tuesday's Blog Hop-About 9/11

Caden and Madison celebrating their country's freedom on July 4th....May America always remain free...

I remember 9/11 vividly. I never dreamed any such attack would take place on American soil. It is beyond my comprehension that people can hate so much that they spend their lives training to terrorize and kill innocent people. I can't comprehend how they believe they are going to be rewarded in the "after life" for doing such things...

I feel sad for all of innocent people who died on 9/11. I feel burdened for their families whose lives were forever changed by the sensless terrorist acts. I feel sad for the people who breathed the smoke and ash during those hours and days after the attacks, and are now sick because of it. I feel sad that we no longer have the beautiful landmark of the Twin Towers.

However, I feel proud that I am an American! I have always been proud to live in the "land of the free and the home of the brave!" I am grateful to the people who give their time and sometimes much more to serve this country. I am so fortunate to be married to a veteran! Thank you to all of the service men and women out there who are serving, or have served in the past. Thank you to the fire fighters, rescue workers, and even hospital workers who come to our aid in time of crisis. You are examples of what Americans should be! I salute you!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Not Maddie, Monday

Yes, Madison did not finally cooperate with her mother and get potty trained last week, after 3 months of trying!!! Let's hear it for successful potty training! YES! I am so happy--for my daughter (and Madison, too)! I remember what a struggle that I had potty training her, and how relieved I was when she finally "got it"!
Brandy had worked with Madison for the past 3 months, with very little success. She noticed that Madison would sit on the potty for several minutes, get up and then immediately wet her pants. Maddie was holding her urine until she got off the potty! We knew then that Madison was ready, but just wasn't cooperating for some reason.

Brandy tried everything--including rewards and praise for the few successes that Madison had over the summer. I even did the "happy dance"(a sight to behold, I am sure) every time Madison used the potty successfully...the summer rolled on!

On the first day of September, Madison wet her training pants--which meant she also wet the carpet in the living room. She went to Brandy and told her that she had "pee peed", then showed Brandy the spot on the carpet...that was it!!! If Madison was old enought to tell her and show her where she "pee peed" then she was old enough to be potty trained! Brandy put her final plan of action into place...

(1)Brandy closed off all rooms with carpeting. Madison had free run of the rest of the house with wood floors. (2) She told Madison that when she learned to use the potty that she could come back on the carpet. (3)She gave her extra liquids to drink. (4)She also told her she could watch one 30 minute show on television when she used the potty. (4)The last thing that Brandy did was to make her go without underwear, which Madison hates! Almost immediately, Madison used the potty. Whenever Madison would have an accident, she didn't like it because the urine didn't feel running down her legs! The day continued with about half success/half accidents.

Brandy continued this plan of action the rest of the week, and in addition she took Maddie outside a good bit--wearing dresses and no panties. By the end of the week Maddie was potty trained! So, after 3 months of no success...a change of tactics....success within 3 days! Yes! No more diapers for Maddie! I just love a story with a good ending....

I am not sure if Mckmama is doing a blog carnival today, but feel free to go on over to her place and check

And the "Can You Tell Me?" contest winner is...

The drawing for the winner of the "Can You Tell Me?" contest was held first thing this morning. There were 21 entries, which made me very happy! I love giving away stuff! The lucky winner was Silverhartgirl. Congratulations to her! I have contacted her by email and will be dropping her gift bag in the mail tomorrow.
Thanks so much to all who participated! I had so much fun, I plan another contest/give away for this coming weekend. Hope you will join me! Thanks again to everyone!