Saturday, November 13, 2010

Little Mr. Smarty Pants...

Caden came for a little visit last night. I think he had a pretty good time. Madison came over so he'd have a playmate, and together, the two of them pretty much destroyed the living room. Well, that's what grandchildren do, right?

After about two hours of intense play, I decided it was time to lower the lights and settle down a bit--maybe watch something on television. I picked up some of the toys, then walked over and flipped the light switch off.

Caden immediately began saying "No see! No see!" Finally, I realized he was fussing about the lights being lowered. I went over and turned on a different set of spotlights to brighten things up a bit, but they weren't as bright as the overhead fluorescent lights.

A few minutes later, I noticed lights and ceiling fans coming on! Caden had climbed up on the toy box, which happens to be located underneath the light switches. He didn't know which switch to flip, so he was trying them all! He wasn't happy until the lights were back on like before! I didn't even realize that he knew where the light switch was! Little Mr. Smarty Pants, indeed--and he still has a month to go before he turns two!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In The Kitchen With Maddie...

Madison takes it by "spells", but at the moment, she's been enjoying helping her mama in the kitchen.
The other day, Brandy and Madison were making chili together.
Brandy was trying out a new crock pot recipe, so before lunch the two of them put the ingredients for the chili into a crock pot.
After getting the chili mixed up and cooking, Brandy later put a pizza in the oven for lunch-- without Madison's help.
When Madison came into the kitchen to eat lunch, she exclaimed "Look, it made pizza!"
Madison thought the ingredients that she put into the crock pot had miraculously turned in to pizza!
Now that would've been some recipe, wouldn't it?

Monday, November 8, 2010

What's Cade Been Up To?

My favorite "little man" is growing bigger and smarter every day.
He's not a big eater.
You could almost fit the amount that he eats at mealtime inside of a thimble.
His favorite foods at my house are: french fries, cereal, and candy corn...
However, he seems healthy and happy, and that's what counts.
His vocabulary is growing, too.
He is now putting at least four words together to make a sentence
and he will add his own thoughts whenever you ask him a one-word question.
The the other night I asked him if he had cows at his house.
He quickly replied, "Yes, and a donkey!"
I find this extraordinary for a little person who is not yet two years old!
Of course, I am his "MiMi" and I could be a bit biased...but I don't think so :)