Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Maddie Learned In School--So Far...

Today was Maddie's second day of preschool. I had the pleasure of going along with Maddie and her mama for the ride. Being the "blogger at heart" that I am, I had to take a picture of her little red schoolhouse. Isn't it cute? Maddie's classroom is on the left.

We were the first ones to arrive at school. We parked on the grass in front of the school to wait until it was time to go inside. We got reprimanded for parking on the grass...Darn, we got in trouble on the second day of school!!!

We didn't have to ask Maddie what she did in school today. Her shirt told the story--they painted! Maddie says they are learning about the color "red". Strange, we could have sworn that you were learning "blue" from the looks of your shirt!

Maddie came out of school smiling again, saying "I had fun!" Not every kid shared her sentiments, however. A boy named Darius came out looking rather stressed. We overheard his dad asking the teacher how he did. The teacher replied, "Darius had a rough time" The dad replied, "Yes, he had a rough night last night, he hardly slept any." Thank goodness Maddie likes school!

Sarah's name came up in Maddie's after school conversation again.(She's the little girl who told Madison to "get out of my house" on the first day of school.) Today she told Madison "don't look at me!" Wow, what is it with this kid?

The last--and possibly the most important--thing that Maddie learned in preschool today was to "tear off two sheets of toilet paper" in the bathroom. Wow...who knew?

Now, let's recap what Maddie learned this week. (1)Preschool is fun. (2) Sarah apparently has social issues. (3) Don't park on the grass. (4) Maddie could use practice painting the paper instead of her clothes. (5)Darius does not like school. (6) Only use two squares of toilet paper. Not too bad for the first week!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happiness Is...

Happiness is seeing this "cutie pie" walking across the yard with a container in her little hands.

She walks in through my front door and calls "MiMi! Where are you?"

When I greet her in the hallway, she announces that she's brought me some fresh baked cookies!

I can feel the warmness of the cookies through the container.

I open it, and smell the wonderful aroma of peanutbutter cookies--with hershey's kisses on top!

Quickly, I head to the kitchen, and pour a glass of cold milk.

Guess what happens next?

Maddie's cookies were delicious!

That's just one example of what happiness is...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It Was A Very Good Day...

I wanted to post an update about Madison's first day of preschool. It was a success! She strolled into that classroom, leaving her mom behind without a second glance--making her mom feel about as discarded as an old shoe!

I assured my daughter that "to be cast aside" can be a good thing. (My daughter was VERY attached to me when she was young, and the beginning of every school year was always tramatic for her.)

Madison came bounding out of school at lunchtime announcing "I had a good time!" Yes, it was a very good day!
We didn't learn much information about the school day from Madison, except that a child named "Sarah" told her to "get out of my house" whenever Madison tried to play in the housekeeping center with her. This unkind act got Sarah in trouble on the first day of school...

Tomorrow is a day of rest, then it's back to school on Thursday. I hope Maddie's enthusiasm lasts until then!

And She's Off...

The highly anticipated day has finally arrived for Madison--her first day of preschool! As I write this post, she is most likely entering her classroom, and settling down for her first school experience.
I'm so blessed that I live next door to her, and could walk over, take a picture, and give her my well wishes just before she left.
Her little bag pack was packed with her "homework". Actually, it was more her mother's homework. At the school's "open house", Madison was given a little paper with a picture of a sun on it. Madison had to decorate the sun with things showing what she did this summer. She had such a busy summer, there wasn't enough room on the sun!
Well, that busy summer is over, and a whole new adventure is beginning. I hope it's a fun and memorable one for Madison and her family! I can't wait to hear what Madison has to say when she gets home. I'm sure it will be entertaining--most things that she says are!