Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Weekend On The Road...

Granddaughter, Madison, and her family spent another weekend on the road, this past weekend.  This time they were headed to the Jacksonville Zoo and Fernandina Beach--along with grandson, Caden, and his family! Both families left very early on Friday morning, with the little ones still dressed in their pajamas.  Here are the two, playing at McDonald's, while on a breakfast stop!

Thanks to the modern marvels of technology, I actually felt included on this trip!  Our daughter, Brandy, regularly sent photographs from her phone, so I could see what everyone was up to, and she called each evening to fill me in on the day's activities. Daughter-in-law, Christina, also posted pictures to Facebook, too.  Don't these two look like they were enjoying the motel pool?

Here's a picture of baby Chase enjoying his first visit to the zoo...Kind of makes you wonder what he's thinking about, doesn't it?

It was awful quiet here at home, with everyone gone.  It's a rare weekend around here, with no grandchildren stopping by, and we were happy to see everyone return!

All of the family travelers finally made it home safe and sound yesterday afternoon--some earlier than others.  Unfortunately, Christina got up with an upset stomach on yesterday morning, so they arrived home first!  (What an unpleasant way to end such a fun weekend!)  By the end of the day, the place was alive, once again, with the sounds of grandchildren's laughter...  

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures from their trip--and hearing even more details about the grandchildren's weekend at the zoo/beach.  I'm also looking forward to eating some of that fudge that they brought me from the "Fantastic Fudge" shop at Fernandina Beach!  Thanks guys!