Saturday, October 30, 2010

Six Word Saturday..Trick-or-Treat

My six words for today..."These two are sweet as candy!"
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Evening At The Fair~part 2...


In case you didn't read part one of this story, in my previous post, my husband and I decided to tag along with our grandchildren and their families to the fair last week. This was granddaughter, Madison's second trip to the fair--and she loved it! It was her cousin Cade's first trip.

Madison began her adventure by riding the carousel, along with her cousin, Cade. Madison loves the carousel, and usually rides it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Cade wasn't so sure about the thing, but at least he didn't cry!

After the carousel ride, Madison accompanied Cade to the "Pick Up a Boat" booth. She liked picking up the boats, too, but not nearly as much as Cade did. Madison chose a pink guitar for her prize, while Cade chose a blue one!

Here is a photo of our two future musicians, enjoying their newly won prizes. I'm not quite sure what Cade was trying to do with his guitar!

Madison loved riding ALL of the rides that she went on! She wasn't afraid of any of them. She and her mother rode almost everything that she was tall enough to ride on. Although they got on this bee ride, they didn't actually get to ride it because it "lost power" after everyone got on it.

This was the first ride that Madison saw and actually asked to ride on--probably because it reminded her of "Dumbo" at Disneyworld. You can see her happy smile in the photograph!

I really enjoyed being a "tag along" to the fair. There is nothing better than experiencing something again through the eyes of a child. Don't you agree? Getting to eat that fresh candied apple wasn't half-bad either!
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A Night At The Fair With The Grandchildren~Part One...

Last week the fair was in nearby Statesboro. My husband and I rarely go to the fair anymore, but we decided to "tag along" and watch our grandchildren experience the fair.

I'll write about our fair experience in two parts, so I can give equal coverage to each grandchild. Today's post will be about Cade's experience.

First of all, it was interesting trying to get three different families coordinated and together at the fair. We all came separately, from several different locations. Ed, Christina, Cade, and I came from home, while Brandy, Clint, and Madison came from Madison's dance class. Brett works in Statesboro, where the fair was located, so he just met us there after work. Thanks to the modern marvel of cell phones, we were all able to find each other in the fair parking lot!
I took this photograph of Cade and his family while they were walking up to the fair gate. I thought they looked so sweet together. Cade has a ways to go before he reaches the height of his parents...
The first ride that we tried Cade on was the carousel. It was a chore to get him on the thing! He wasn't sure about it, and refused to sit on the horse at first! Finally, his mama got on the horse with him, and he sat there...then the carousel man came by and made Cade's mama get off! The ride finally started, and Cade stayed on the horse--but he looked less than thrilled about the whole thing!

One thing that Cade was thrilled about was the duck and boat ponds! You know how little boys are around water, and he is no exception! These booths were like a magnet for Cade! He won a prize--a blue guitar. He didn't especially care about the prize--he just liked playing in the water!

Unfortunately, there weren't many rides that Cade was tall enough to ride on. Fortunately, he didn't seem to care! This was one of the few rides that he was able to ride on.
Eventually, Cade stayed with E-pa and me for a while, so his parents could go and catch a couple of rides on their own. He was perfectly happy running around, climbing, and just exploring. He's easy to please.
I really enjoyed watching Cade's first fair experience. Hopefully, next year he will have grown taller, and developed more of a taste for adventure--but if not, he can always just play in the water of the duck pond!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

*Madison's Fourth Birthday at

Okay, I think I've finally got it right now! This is the final, revised edition of Madison's fourth birthday celebration!!!

I hesitated to publish another video--I don't want to "overkill", but this video shows the celebration in much greater detail than I could ever blog about it. Just look at those smliles...

The weekend began on Saturday, with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, followed by a side-trip to the mall, to play on their indoor playground for a bit.

The activities continue the following afternoon, with cake and ice cream at Madison's house, followed by the release of 4 helium-filled balloons at the end of the party--to symbolize Madison's 4 years of life.

The final photograph on the video was captured by Madison's mom, while Madison slept soundly following a busy day of birthday activities...

P.S. We all slept soundly, too...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Now Where Was I?...Oh Yes, Bo the Dog...

I am amazed at all of the things Madison has been involved with since starting to preschool. Each week brings a new adventure. A few days ago, she brought home a "little friend" from school to stay over the weekend--his name was Bo the dog.

Madison got to keep Bo for 4 whole days, but her mom had to record all of Maddie and Bo's activities in Bo's journal. Bo was a busy dogie while staying with Madison. He accompanied her to her "Nana's" house, he painted pumpkins with Maddie and her family, and he went all the way to Six Flags Over Georgia--but he had to stay in the car at Six Flags, so he wouldn't get lost!

The picture above is of Madison taking Bo for a ride in her new Big Wheel that her great-grandparents bought her for her birthday. Bo looks quite content in that little basket, don't ya' think?