Friday, April 2, 2010

Caden's Easter...Last Year

Caden went to church, then spent a good bit of the afternoon snoozing in MiMi's crib...which is the same crib that Caden's daddy used to snooze in.
I usually have my crib full of dolls...but on Easter, I had a "living doll" in it!

Caden woke up from his nap, and joined the family outside for an egg hunt, and some family photographs. Wow, he sure has changed!

After being outside for a while, Caden came inside and checked out the Easter basket that MiMi had made for him...It was a monkey basket that screeches when it's pressed...The basket was nearly as big as he was!

Checking out those plastic Easter eggs...They sure are pretty and colorful! As I was getting these photographs ready to post, I was noticing how much Caden has's hard to believe it's the same child! Have a Happy Easter, everyone! Thanks for stopping by...Kathy

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Madison And The Easter Bunny...Not!

Brandy(my daughter), Madison, and I traveled 30 miles to the mall yesterday in hopes of letting Madison see The Easter Bunny.
We got up early, and made our way to the mall...despite the fact that I had pulled a muscle in my back the night before, and was having trouble getting up and down...
We arrived at the mall...only to find...that The Easter Bunny wasn't even home! Apparently, he only comes out on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...Bummer!
MiMi wasn't going to let all of that pretty Easter scenery go to waste, so I bribed Madison into letting me take some pictures...Brandy distanced herself from us...she thought we were going to get into trouble! LOL
I was a good MiMi, and stayed on the other side of the fence...but only because Madison wouldn't go inside of the fence with me! I had to bribe Madison with a carousel ride to get the pics that I got....The things we have to do...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He Can Do It Himself!

Just imagine my surprise this week when Cade came for a visit--and proceeded to climb up the sliding board all by himself!

All I did was hold my hand close to his back for protection in case he got over-balanced.

Of course, he ran into a little trouble once when he tried to go back down the ladder of the slide--backwards!

As he was brushing the dirt off his hands and whinning, MiMi explained "That's why we don't go down the slide that way!"

That little boy...he never ceases to amaze me--and he makes me smile...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Madison...Easters Past...

Today's themed blog hop is Easter. I decided to document Madison's past Easters through pictures. Wow, look at how much she's changed--and I don't even have this year's photo included.

This was Madison in 2007...around 6 months of age...posing with the Easter gifts that she received that year. Easy to tell that she was an only grandchild--on both sides of the family!
Here's Madison, looking more grown-up in 2008. I (her MiMi) bought her Easter dress and shoes that year. So sweet...where does the time go?

Here Madison is, another year later, in 2009. Looking all grown up, but not too thrilled about having her picture made in her Easter dress. I loved her little dress--and especially those little pink slippers!
Thanks for strolling down memory lane with me, letting me re-live past Easters with my first grandchild... Just click on the link below to share other Easter posts...or add one of your own.

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