Thursday, August 13, 2009

Searching for Higher Ground....

I am amazed each week at how much Cade is growing and changing. He is no longer content to stay in one place. He's able to roll and scoot to reach whatever his little eyes see. Not only that, but as you can see from this photo, he's searching and reaching for higher ground! Soon nothing will be safe from his grasp.

Time to bring out the plug covers and childproof the house! My little man, Caden is a man on the move! That's all a part of growing up, and growing up is just what he's doing--and he's doing it way too fast!

***Tomorrow I will be having my first "Give Me a Caption Contest". I'll post a pic and let you suggest an appropriate caption. Winner will receive a cool bath toy that spins and sprays. Don't forget to stop by and leave your suggestion for a caption in the comments section.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maddie Gets a Mani/Pedi...

The other day my daughter, Brandy, offered to do a pedicure for me. I haven't had one in ages--I just don't take the time for it, but since we were planning to go to the beach, I agreed. We got out the foot bath and Brandy began to work her magic on my poor, dry, tired feet. I didn't need a manicure, I'm a habitual nail biter...I know, it's a nasty, disgusting habit-- and I have quit before, but I'm a backslider...

Maddie's little eyes were taking everything in...Pretty soon she was over at the chair begging for her toenails and fingernails to be polished. I was surprised because in the past when Brandy's offered to polish Maddie's nails, she runs the other way!

Anyway, after I had my turn, Maddie sat there still as a statue and had all of her nails polished. She was so proud! A funny thing happened to her fingernails though... Maddie sucks the first two fingers of one hand. Within two days she had every bit of the polish sucked off of those two fingers. Oh well, maybe the three of us will take another day and do the mani/pedi thing again...soon-- because I kind of enjoyed it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Twelve Months of Maddie... Tuesday's Blog Hop

"My name is Madison Elizabeth! I am taking a nap with MiMi's cat, Bobs, and yes, that's Bobs with an s...Bobs doesn't have a tail...funny cat!"

"What girl doesn't love the feel of the sand, sun, and the wind in her hair? Me, sometimes! This was a great end of the summer trip..."(Sept)

"How do you like my date for Trick or Treat night? I couldn't afford to be too picky wearing this dress...doesn't show off my curves, ya' know...At least I get to do ALL of the talking with this fellow, and how I do like to talk!"

"My MiMi is always telling me to take "lady bites" and not to eat like a's so hard though!" The Thanksgiving meal was sooo good...(Nov)

"Do you think I can stay up and watch for Santa if I hide behind the tree and wear these shades? He probably won't even notice me...."

"I was supposed to sleeping, but I was actually trying on my hats...Whew, I thought I was in BIG trouble, but I got off with only a picture and a warning..." (Jan)

"Go" should be my middle name because I love to ride in the car, especially my MiMi's PT Cruiser...of course, I always have to take my purse and sunglasses...a girl needs her stuff!" (Feb)

"I'm just a tee shirt wearing, fun loving, bubble blowing, like to get dirty kind of country girl..."

"No time to worry with an Easter basket...I'll just take my eggs and run! If only my hands were bigger...

"Hey, there's something just not right about these glasses...No wonder my E-pa can't see!"

"Hello there, my name is Madison and I will be your hostess today. Would you care to join my friends, Dora and Maddie Liz for a little lunch?" (May)

"I hope you enjoyed a year's worth of photographs of me. Did you notice how I've grown and changed? I don't much like to have my picture made these days. I'm just too busy for that!...Poor MiMi, she keeps trying...Bye Bye!"
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not Me, Monday

It's Monday's hard to believe it's here already, but my husband's ironed white lab coat hanging on the door tells me it is so!

I did not have one long, er... restful week at home this past week. I was not asleep when my husband got home from work one afternoon, not me! I did not get awakened by the phone, realize that hubby was home, then go back to sleep...I would never do that! I did not take two naps on Saturday!!!

I have not spent most of this afternoon trying to figure out how to add a button link on my word press blog, without success...not me! I have not failed to learn how to put a McLinky on my post before I publish it...even with Brent Riggs helping me...I have not paid to be a sponser for Tuesday's blog hop, too....I am not drowning in blogger confusion, not me!

I have not spent nearly two days on my computer trying to find all of my photographs which have decided to move themselves in different albums...not me! I would not like to scream at the top of my lungs...I would not like to beat up my computer!!!

My son, the computer wizard, did not put deep freeze on my computer so I could not screw it up again...I do not HATE deep freeze and that little polar bear face smiling at me...deep freeze protects my computer, but makes it forget everything{including where the pictures belong} when I turn it off....

And last but not least, I did not accidentally "stumble" into a hornets nest concerning one of my favorite bloggers....I did not sit, with my mouth wide open in disbelief as I read the comments flowing over the internet between bloggers....I did not feel as though I was in high school again listening to teenagers fight and squabble...I did not wonder how or why in the world people could be so mean...

Now that I review on my week, it's no wonder I was so tired...too much thinking and confusion... Take a hop on over to Mckmama's blog carnival at and see what everyone else has been up to. Have a great Monday!