Friday, January 6, 2012

The "Prepare Song"...

I discovered something new about grandson, Caden, this Christmas season!  I discovered that this little fellow knows how to sing!

Cade is very quiet most of the time.  He's a serious little boy, always concentrating on the task at hand--usually playing with a tractor or a train.  He doesn't spend much time on idle conversation when he's at my house, and he sure doesn't sing!

The other night, out of the blue, Cade began singing "Joy To The World"!  I couldn't believe my ears, even though daughter, Brandy had told me Cade knew how to sing this song.  He sang every word beautifully, and was right on key!  I was impressed, and thrilled, that I finally got to hear it!

Hearing that tiny little voice sing that song took me back nearly thirty years, to a time when Cade's daddy could sing "Amazing Grace" as good as any adult--and he was only two!  (Such sweet memories.)

Now you may be wondering what all of this has to do with the title of this post.  Well, at first,  Cade didn't know what the title of the song was, so he referred to it as "The Prepare Song". (from the line of the song that says, Let every heart, prepare  Him room...) and just  I love it! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011...

I have made such a mess of keeping up with two blogs!  These days I can hardly keep up with one blog, let alone two!  With the holidays, and all of the extra activities that go along with them, I've had other things on my mind lately.  I've been busy enjoying life!

However, I simply couldn't let any more time pass without posting about Christmas with two of my favorite little people, Madison and Cade.  (I have to say "two of" since I now have three favorite little people to write about!)

Cade got lucky when his parents decided to let him have his Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve.  Ed and I got lucky, too, because we weren't busy in the kitchen, so we had time to go and watch Cade open some of his  gifts!

Cade didn't need any help at all opening those packages this year, and--just like his dad used to do--he quickly threw aside any package containing clothing!  Cade's main present was a John Deere Turf Tractor, which he's learned to drive quite well since Christmas.  He's already made several trips from his house to ours on it!  He drives while his daddy walks...

Madison called our house on Christmas morning to ask us to come over and see what Santa had brought her. The only problem was--she hadn't seen all of what Santa had brought herself!  She hadn't yet discovered the trampoline sitting outside of the front door!  I"m glad, because we got to see her face right after she discovered her present...

That trampoline turned out to be the "hit" of the Christmas season!  Some young folks--and some who are only "young-at-heart"-- took turns jumping on the thing the entire day!  I had to remind my husband of his age, at one point, when he was threatening to turn a flip on it!

Of course, Madison also got some indoor toys from Santa, too,  which she proudly showed off for my camera.  One of her favorite indoor gifts turned out to be a video game.  Who knew?  I guess she takes after her daddy...he likes them, too.

All things considered, I think the trampoline is the "all-time" favorite gift of everyone...It's over a week later, and they're still jumping!  See what I mean?