Friday, July 3, 2009

The Cousins...

I'd be less than truthful if I said that it hasn't been an adjustment for Madison to get used to having a new baby cousin. She's been the only child for so long, she's just not used to sharing her attention with anyone else.
For a while Maddie wouldn't get anywhere near Caden. She wouldn't sit next to him for pictures and pretty much ignored the fact that he was around. Madison would give all of her attention to Caden's mama and daddy, both of whom she is crazy about.

Cade's mama started letting him come and visit me for a couple of mornings a week recently. I've been letting Madison come over, too, in an effort to get them used to each other. Caden seems to love Madison and I am happy to report that she is warming up to him, also. She came to my house looking for him one afternoon this week which makes me believe that she finally enjoys his company.

I've also noticed her going and playing near him on the floor now. I've actually managed to snap a couple of photos of them together playing near each other, with Caden watching Madison curiously.

Last weekend all of the family was together for a cookout. Madison's little pool was set up outside. Cade's mama put him in the pool and asked Madison to get in with him. She refused for a while, then finally decided to join him. Hooray! That's one step closer to helping build a relationship...the only problem was, Madison's idea of playing consisted of pouring water over poor Caden's little head...we still have some work left to do!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Madison's First Vacation

This is the look that we all gave daddy Clint after he took us on the 5 hour scenic route to Isle of Palms--when we could've made the trip in 3 hours...

Madison did lay on the deck in her new bathing suit long enough to get her picture made. No sandy beach for this girl...

Madison enjoying the reading area of the Sea Aquarium...she just loved those turtle pillows...and the books!

Madison enjoying her airplane ride at the outlet malls in South Carolina...she's probably wishing she could fly home instead of riding with her daddy...

Madison was born in October, but didn't take her first family vacation until the following September. She accompanied her parents and her maternal grandparents(MiMi and E-pa) to Isle of Palms, South Carolina for a couple of days at the beach.

Madison traveled quite well, considering her daddy took us all on the scenic route to Isle of Palms. A trip that should've taken no longer than three hours ended up taking close to five hours! We were all ready to strangle Maddie's daddy by the time we finally got there!

Packing for Madison included everything but the kitchen sink! Brandy took a walker, a pack-n-play, a stroller, a bathtub, food, clothes, and diapers. There wasn't much room in the car for anything else, but the rest of us managed to cram our stuff in around Madison and her carseat!

We stayed at the beach, but Madison didn't care for the beach. When Madison's feet touched the sand/water she screamed. We took her to the South Carolina Sea Aquarium but it was dark in there and she didn't care for that place either. She was whinny and clingy. Her favorite part of the whole Sea Aquarium was a well-lit reading center in a corner that had a rug that she could sit on and some soft stuffed turtle pillows to lay on.

We did manage to do some shopping at some of the outlet malls and Madison seemed to enjoy the stroller ride. She also rode a little airplane ride and liked that. All in all we had a good time and enjoyed just getting away for a couple of days--even though we enjoyed the ocean from a distance...

A Sleeping Baby....

Caden when he was about 4 month old, asleep on his mother's chest at the park. He reminds me of my youngest son because he is sucking his finger...
Caden sleeping in MiMi's arms after a rocking/singing session...

There is nothing more precious to me than the sight of a sleeping baby. The only thing better than looking at a sleeping baby is holding a sleeping baby. When I was the mother of a colicky baby, I really cherished the sight of a sleeping baby!

I didn't rock and sing my own babies to sleep very often. I didn't want them to get spoiled. They all sucked their thumbs or fingers and would go to sleep on their own--which was very nice at the end of a tiring day. However, I got lots of practice in singing and rocking when I kept twin baby girls who were used to being rocked! I found that I enjoyed rocking and singing, as well as watching them while they were asleep. I was notorious for taking their picture while they slept!

I must have a really boring voice because it usually doesn't fail to put a little one to sleep. I enjoyed rocking and singing to my grandaughter, Madison, until she grew too big (sigh). Now I am enjoying singing to Caden, but the time is passing so quickly! I've found that when I do get the chance to sing Caden to sleep, I just enjoy sitting and watching him sleep. I want to enjoy every minute that I can...these times will be gone all too soon!
Cleaning and dusting can wait 'til tomorrow
For babies grow up I've learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby, and babies won't keep!