Friday, July 3, 2009

The Cousins...

I'd be less than truthful if I said that it hasn't been an adjustment for Madison to get used to having a new baby cousin. She's been the only child for so long, she's just not used to sharing her attention with anyone else.
For a while Maddie wouldn't get anywhere near Caden. She wouldn't sit next to him for pictures and pretty much ignored the fact that he was around. Madison would give all of her attention to Caden's mama and daddy, both of whom she is crazy about.

Cade's mama started letting him come and visit me for a couple of mornings a week recently. I've been letting Madison come over, too, in an effort to get them used to each other. Caden seems to love Madison and I am happy to report that she is warming up to him, also. She came to my house looking for him one afternoon this week which makes me believe that she finally enjoys his company.

I've also noticed her going and playing near him on the floor now. I've actually managed to snap a couple of photos of them together playing near each other, with Caden watching Madison curiously.

Last weekend all of the family was together for a cookout. Madison's little pool was set up outside. Cade's mama put him in the pool and asked Madison to get in with him. She refused for a while, then finally decided to join him. Hooray! That's one step closer to helping build a relationship...the only problem was, Madison's idea of playing consisted of pouring water over poor Caden's little head...we still have some work left to do!

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