Monday, July 6, 2009

Movin' On...

I think that Caden is beginning to enjoy coming to MiMi's house almost as much as I enjoy having him come. He always flashes that sweet smile when he comes in the door, but last week I noticed something more.

His head was turning and his eyes were searching the room for his favorite toy, the musical light-up stage. Cade knows where I keep it and he was looking in that direction. He really enjoys looking at himself in the mirror and banging on the little musical instruments, so we usually play with that toy first. He really likes the lights and music, wonder if he will be a future performer?

This week I sadly put away the baby swing and a floor toy that is activated by kicking, but I replaced them with an activity seat called the Intellitainer. Caden seems pretty impressed with the new toy--trying out all of the activities. Between my daughter and myself, there is no shortage of baby toys--I think we have at least one of almost everything!

It's just a little sad how quickly Cade is passing through the baby phases. All too soon, our "little man" will be too big for the activity seat and movin' on to bigger and better things...

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