Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Look Who Used To Be Small...

Seeing those 4D pictures of Baby Chase the other day, reminded me so much of a little baby boy named Caden! I'd almost forgotten how tiny Cade used to be!

Then I found this little movie on my computer! Seeing this little clip of video brought back some very happy memories of some special times! I can't help but wonder if baby Chase will love this toy as much as Caden did.

Time will tell...

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Sneek Peak At Baby Chase...

Today was a special day for this MiMi.  Daughter-in-law, Christina, had a doctor's appointment this morning, and she invited me to go along.

She had to drink that yucky sweet orange stuff, then have her blood drawn to check for gestational diabetes.  She also had a 4D ultrasound done, which is why she invited me along.

I'd never witnessed a 4D ultrasound before, so I was very excited.  My excitement peaked when I looked up at the television screen and saw the first images of little baby Chase.  Even though I've seen sonogram pictures, and a dvd of Christina's last ultrasound, seeing the baby on tv, in 4D, really made reality set in!

At first little Chase was doubled up, with his legs in front of his face!  Ouch!  That looked very uncomfortable!  I guess the yucky sweet stuff finally got to him, in the middle of the ultrasound, because suddenly he started jumping all around!  At one point, he had a loop of cord around his knee, then he showed his "manly parts"!  He's definitely a boy!  In one picture he even appears to be resting his chin on the bottom of his foot!  What a show he put on for us, and we enjoyed every minute of it!

The technician was able to get some good pictures, and it appears that Chase bears a strong resemblance to his big brother, Caden!  Christina says his cheeks appear a little fuller than Caden's were, but the nose and forehead definitely look the same to me.

Christina's sister was also there for the ultrasound, and we both agreed--seeing baby Chase just made us want to hold him that much more!  Only ninety-something more days to go, and we'll get our wish!