Saturday, July 9, 2011

Catching Up...

Let's's been a while since I blogged. I believe the last post I wrote concerned Madison learning how to swim. A lot has happened since then--some of it not so much fun!

About 3 days after finishing up with her swimming lessons, Madison developed "swimmer's ear". Not fun! Actually she spent part of the long Fourth of July weekend with the earache. Her mom got sick with some kind of "throat funk" and was sick part of the weekend, as well...It wasn't a fun time at Maddie's house. Tuesday, following the holiday, found both mother and daughter at the doctor's office! Both are still recovering...

Meanwhile, Caden and his family went on vacation during the long holiday weekend. They spent several days in northern Georgia near a lake. They were not alone, they vacationed with Christina's family, including many of Caden's cousins--most of whom are little boys. I'm sure he enjoyed himself immensely. I haven't seen them much since they returned.

It's been sort of quiet around our house during the past week, with half of the family sick, and the other half out-of-town. Fortunately, we still had "newlyweds", Brad and Jennifer, and granddog, "Newbie" to keep us us entertained some of the time. There's never a dull moment with those three around--especially Newbie!

Speaking of Newbie, Ed and I took care of her while her parents were on their honeymoon. She looked forward to coming to visit with us for a few hours each afternoon, but oh how she hated to go back home to her kennel! She would leave us a souvenier hole in our yard each day when she visited! So thoughtful of her, don't you think? Now, each time she gets a chance to get out of her kennel, guess where she comes??? To MiMi's house!

Ah those "grands"...ya' just gotta' love 'em!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guess Who's Learned To Swim?!

While I was growing up I experienced several "episodes" concerning water. I can remember at least three different, scarey, incidents whenever I thought I was going to drown. As a result, I grew into an adult who has a fear of water.

Eventually, I conquered some of my fears concerning water, but not all. I learned how to swim a bit after we put in our swimming pool, but swimming is not something that comes natural to me, and I don't like to get my head under the water! My daughter, Brandy, is somewhat like me concerning water. She swims a bit, but hates to get her head wet as well.

Granddaughter, Madison, has no fear of water at all, and loves it. Madison's mama thought it would be a good idea to enroll her in swimming lessons before she developed the fear. I'm so glad she did!

Madison attended swimming lessons all last week, and she appears to be a "natural". She was diving off the diving board, and swimming across the pool by the last day of lessons. She loves swimming under the water! It was definately time and money "well-spent".

Madison will be enjoying her newly acquired swimming skills on their family vacation in a couple of weeks. Go, Maddie! The cycle has been broken...this MiMi is very proud!