Saturday, February 6, 2010

Six Word Saturday

My six words today are....... This little girl is getting feisty!

Our granddaughter, Madison, aged 3, is turning into quite a little feisty female--in other words, she's getting too big for her britches! She was at our house visiting yesterday, when she began to demand that my husband turn the television to a different channel! He explained to her that it was his time to watch the news, and that if she wanted to watch TV she would have to go home.

Then I was in the bedroom working on a blog post when she came to me and demanded my attention. I told her that I was busy at the moment, and she would have to either find something to play with or go home. She quickly said to me "I'm not talking to you!" and left the room in a huff.

All I know is...if she's this feisty at age 3, I can only imagine age 13! Her mother is well aware of how she is, and is constantly reprimanding her for it. I don't think Madison's ever heard the old saying "Little children should be seen and not heard." I'll have to share that with her on her next visit--I can just imagine her reply!
Feisty or not, Madison brightens my day when she comes around. She makes me laugh, and feel loved. I love experiencing life again through her eyes. Grandchildren are the best, and I'm so thankful that I finally have some!
***Check out the photograph of my grandson, Caden, on Friday's post. Just leave a caption suggestion to be entered for the children's giveaway!!! Enjoy your weekend...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday's Giveaway...Suggest A Caption

Would you like to win this neat book with matching jigsaw puzzle for the special little one in your life...Then just look at the photo below of my grandson, Caden, and suggest a caption to go along with the photograph...Leave your suggested caption as a comment...That's it! How easy is that...The winner will be selected and notified on Monday morning....Have fun!

This photo is begging for a caption...suggestions, please.....

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Love Stinks...

Madison has a new toy...that she likes very much...she has such a great imagination that she's been using this toy in various other ways than it's intended use...what is this magnificent toy you may be's a...MOP!

That's right! Madison's mama bought a kid-sized mop from the Lions Club and Madison just loves it! Madison already has one of those toy mops with the shredded felt-type head, but she really loves this new mop with actual strings!

While I was thinking how neat it would be to have one of those little mops to reach in small areas that my large mop won't go...Madison was thinking what a great doll it would make! She loves it!

When I was a child, my grandma's old mop was one of my favorite playthings. I'd fix the strings into a ponytail or just let them swish loose and free. That mop was my pretend doll--my friend. Sometimes I'd switch over and use it for my horse, too! I'll bet Madison hasn't thought of that one yet! Great must be in the genes...

Madison's mama told me that she recently saw Madison playing with both mops at once--and singing "Love Stinks"! (smile) I'd love to have a video of that one! Grandkids...gotta' love 'em... Have a great day...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He's Too Pretty To Be A Boy...

I don't know how many times I've said the words "he's too pretty to be a boy" when talking about my little grandson, Caden. I know I shouldn't brag, but I can't help myself. Those soft blue eyes...delicate little features...that smile...I just can't help myself. On top of being pretty, he's sweet, too. Can you tell I'm missing him since I've been in quarantine with the stomach bug?

I am enjoying watching his personality evolve as he's growing older. The other night he was here with his daddy, and his dad was trying to get him to eat his supper. Cade was having no part of it. Finally, out of desperation, I got out the Trix cereal and said "Here, give him a few Trix, it's better than nothing!" You know what? He ate every one of them!

Within a couple of days, Cade was back visiting. I was out of Trix, so I offered him a few Cheerios for a treat. He promptly threw those Cheerios right back at me! Ha! I'm assuming that he's familiar with Cheerios and didn't care much for them--or else he just wasn't in the mood. He didn't refuse my next offer of teddy grahams though!

I just love grandchildren...they make my life grand!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Absence Is Making My Heart Grow Fonder...

This week, I'm missing my little Madison. This picture was made back in the summer while she was playing outside with her "baby". We could use a few of those warm, sunny days about now...
I'm missing my little Caden, too. Now that he's walking and exploring everything, he keeps us all on our toes! He told us "bye bye" for the first time on Friday night. Usually he waves and blows a kiss, but on Friday he actually said the words. I haven't seen either grandchild in several days because...

About 4:30 Sunday morning, the unthinkable happened to me...I was hit with a mega case of the stomach flu! Thankfully, it had been several years since this dreaded illness had invaded my body, but my luck ran out!

When it comes to the stomach flu/virus, there are always different levels of symptoms and their severity. One a scale of one to ten, this one was a definite TEN! Just when I'd say to myself, I can't throw up any more...I'd do it again. It was so bad, I was planning a trip to the ER, when the symptoms began to subside.

So, here I am...staying home re cooperating--and nobody wants to come within a mile of me! Of course, I don't blame them one bit either! I'm so weak that it's like a marathon to make it down the hall and back. My chest is so sore--it kills me to laugh! Maybe in a couple more days everyone will feel safe again--unless my hubby comes down with it! Let's hope he's spared since he took such good care of me when I was so sick.

In the meantime, I'm talking with Madison on the telephone every day. She told me yesterday "I hope you feel better." Today she told me "Mama's going to put on a movie for me!" That's my Madison--she's always in the moment-- and she loves her dvd's!

Fortunately, I had a nice four hour long visit with Cade on Friday evening before I became ill. I can't help but wonder what new word he will have learned when I see him again. At his age, he changes rapidly.

So this week moves forward while I'm in isolation! Let's just say I'll be very fond of everyone by the end of the week!

Twenty Years Ago...What Was Popular?

Today's blog hop theme is "Where were you, and what were you doing twenty years ago?" Since I've already written about that on my other blog, I decided to give the theme a little different twist and do some research.

I discovered that the following movies were among the most popular ones of 1990. Pretty Woman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cadillac Man, Bird on a Wire, Die Hard 2, and Dances With Wolves. I remember The Teenage Mutant Turtles quite well, since I was the mother of two young boys at that time, and Pretty Woman has been a favorite movie of mine for years.

I didn't have much time for reading books or novels back then, and I didn't recognize a single title on the list. Some of the books listed were The Plains of Passage, Four Past Midnight, and The Burden of Proof. I am proud to say that beginning in 1991, I've read at least one novel listed on the subsequent lists.

Among the popular music of 1990 was Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins, Step By Step by New Kids on the Block, Vision of Love by Mariah Carey, and It Must've Been Love by Roxette. I still listened to some pop music back then, and actually remember liking those songs. In 1994, I became a country music fan when my children informed me that "country was cool". Imagine that!

The last topic that I researched was television. I discovered that Mr. Bean came out in 1990. My children loved that show, and so did I! America's Funniest Home Videos also became popular that year. It was also the era of In Living Color, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Beverly Hills 90210. Times were changing... I'm glad that America's Funniest Home Videos still comes on. It's one of the few shows on television that is suitable for family viewing these days!

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