Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Madison...

Our granddaughter, Madison, turns four today!

It's hard to believe that four years have passed since amazing Madison was born...She's

brought so much joy to our lives--more than we ever dreamed possible. Enjoy your day,

precious little girl, and will you stop growing up so fast, please???

This photograph of Madison was taken not long after she was born, on October 23, 2006.

Madison, celebrating her first birthday party, with family and friends.

Madison, patiently waiting for some birthday cake-- at her second birthday party.

How can it be, that Madison is already turning three?

This photograph was taken on Thursday, in front of the "The Little Red Schoolhouse". Madison celebrated her 4th birthday at school on this day--with Scooby Doo cupcakes, made by her mom.
She will be celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese today, followed by a small party at home, with family, on Sunday afternoon. The theme for this year's party? Disney Princess, of course!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Madison's Third Year of Life in Photographs...

Here is the continuing story, through photographs, of our amazing Madison.
This story begins just after Madison's second birthday, and continues through her third birthday.
This may be my most favorite video to date.
Madison's personality is really beginning to show...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Safety Day At School..

Last week Madison's school had a "Safety Day". A policeman come to the school to teach the students about bicycle safety.

On this particular day, the students could bring a tricycle to school to ride. Well...this presented a problem for Madison's parents because...Madison doesn't have a tricycle! She has a bicycle, which my husband and I gave her on her third birthday, but she refuses to ride it!!! She also doesn't have a helmet, because after purchasing three helmets for our own kids--which they refused to wear--we just gave up on those things!

Madison's great-grandmother, on her daddy's side, felt bad about Madison not having a tricycle--and bought her a Big Wheel as an early birthday present... Hmmm...aren't we going a bit backward? From bicycle to Big Wheel? They also purchased a helmet, just so she'd have one. turns out that Madison didn't like to ride the Big Wheel any better than she does the bicycle! My husband witnessed Madison and her parents' "fiasco" under the carport while they were trying to get Madison to peddle the thing! Out of desperation, my husband actually stepped in and encouraged Madison to run over him with the thing! So much for safety lessons...I, unfortunately, missed all of this excitement!!!

Anyway, Maddie took her new Big Wheel to school the next morning. Still apprehensive, her mother sneaked back to the school early, and parked across the street from the school--just so she could watch the kids riding their trikes. Stalker Mom! I was secretly sad because I missed out on the "stalker fun"! Oh, the things we do because of our children...

Brandy reported that Madison could, indeed, make the Big Wheel go--when she chose to! She also reported that not only were tricycles being ridden, but bicycles and scooters, as well! None of the children wore the helmets either! Imagine that! So much for that safety lesson...Oh well...Our Madison has a "hard head" anyway! I think she will be just fine...