Saturday, February 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday...

My six words for this Saturday are

I'm happy to be their MiMi!

I'm so happy and blessed to have these two little people call me "MiMi"! They make my world go around...they make the house come alive whenever they enter it...they make me experience life through the eyes of a child...again! Grandchildren are indeed "grand"!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday's Lucky Number Giveaway

Do you have a "little person" in your life who likes to put puzzles together? If so, then this is the giveaway for you! To win these 3 tray puzzles plus a mystery gift, just pick a number between 1 and 50. You may choose up to 3 numbers-- for up to 3 chances to win. Leave your guesses in the form of a comment. Whoever comes closest to the number picked by going over--wins! If two people choose the same number, the first person choosing it wins. The winning number will be selected on Monday morning. Have fun--and good luck!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A McDonald's Picnic At The Park

Yesterday was a beautiful day in our town. The weather was sunny and near 70 degrees...a beautiful day to visit the local park--and McDonald's! My daughter, Brandy, granddaughter, Madison, and I left for our picnic at the park around 12 o'clock...Madison got insulted when I pulled the camera out to take her photograph while she was enjoying her chicken that expression--and the McNugget in her cheek!

After our "non-nutritious"--but "oh-so-delicious" lunch-- Madison played on a few things on the playground. Future Nascar driver? What do you think? She's actually tall enough to climb on the car by herself this year!
She tried out the slide once. A few times she climbed half-way up some slides, then changed her mind...We were the only people at the park...nobody to play with...

After a while, Madison crawled up on the park bench beside her mama and put those two fingers in her mouth...that was our signal that it was time to Fred's Dollar Store!
After a brief stop by Fred's to purchase mailing envelopes--and check out the new Easter goodies--we returned home. Fun day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maddie's First Snow Experience...Tuesday Blog Hop

This is our three year old granddaughter, Madison, experiencing her first snowfall. She waited excitedly all day for the snow. Finally, under the cover of darkness, the snow began to fall. Madison dressed in her new red and pink boots and went outside!

Nothing like touching the cold, white, powdery snow--with bare hands. I wonder what she's thinking...

Madison takes a moment to pose with the snowman that her daddy and uncles made. I'm guessing that their hands were getting cold by the time they got around to making the snowman's head...What do you think?
It doesn't snow here in Georgia very often. Chances are, that Madison won't remember this adventure in the snow. By the time she sees snow again, it will be like she's experiencing it for the first time...If it waits 20 years to snow again--she'll be 23 years old...

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Monday, February 22, 2010

This Boy Can Move...

My husband and I kept Caden on Saturday afternoon while his parents attended the wedding of some friends. The weather was beautiful, so we decided to let Caden go outside to "run around".

It was our first experience taking Caden outside since he learned to walk. Wow, that boy can move! We was taking off in every direction, and it was all I could do to keep up with him!

After about 30 minutes of chasing him...I was exhausted! I had to get my husband to take over... I don't remember any of my own children being able to move that quickly...of course that was twenty-five to thirty years ago--and I'm sure I moved quicker then!

I think Caden enjoyed his outside adventure very much. Maybe next time I'll tie a little string around his waist...LOL Just kidding! MiMi's just going to have to exercise and get in better shape!

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