Friday, August 12, 2011

Taken From MiMi's Photo Files...One Year Ago

Not much to write about today, so I searched back through my photos and came up with this "blast from the past".  It's always fun to look back and see how little my grandbabies used to be.  Both children have grown and changed so much since last summer!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Not-So-Tiny Dancer...

 Last year's photo

This year's photo

Yesterday marked the official beginning of the new dance season.  Where did the summer go?  After some back-and-forth, it was decided that Madison would be taking another year of dance lessons.  She enjoys it very much, and it's good exercise, but it's expensive and involves an extra trip to town each week.  Of course, you're only little once, so what the heck?!  Maddie's mom will be making five trips to town each week!

I knew that Madison had grown a lot over the summer, but I didn't realize how much she had changed since last year--until I compared these photos!  Her new dance shoes are two sizes larger than her old ones!  She's grown several inches taller, as well--we have the mark on the wall to prove it!  She seems to have filled out around her waist a bit, too. 

Madison was thrilled to see that some of her friends from last year's "Wee Ones Morning School" are in her dance class this year!  I'm happy about that, because she wouldn't see them otherwise. When the church sponsored pre-K class, "Fabulous Fours" failed to materialize this year, it sent everyone scrambling to different schools for pre-K classes.

So, yesterday began dance for Miss Madison, but she still has three more weeks before school starts at the "Busy Beavers" preschool, where she will soon be making a new group of friends.  I can't wait to see what the new year dance, and in pre-K!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Trip Down Memory Lane...To The Park!

I found another short movie clip of Madison.  This one was taken a couple of years ago, at our local recreation park. 

Watching the movie clip brought back so many memories.  I'd forgotten how long it took Madison to learn how to climb up a slide--then get up the nerve to actually slide down!  I'd also forgotten that Madison enjoyed the "bumpy" slide more than the regular slide! 

When you're an only child, surrounded all day by only adults, sometimes it makes learning a bit harder!  Sometimes one of the adults even has to resort to acting like a child...(see end of movie).  I'm happy to report that Madison has mastered climbing the slide quite well these days!