Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm sorry that I have been MIA for a few days. I just found it impossible to keep up two blogs and take care of all of the Thanksgiving activities...I guess I'm getting old.
I couldn't let Thanksgiving pass without sharing these adorable turkeys that Madison and her mother made a few days ago.
Brandy always says she's not "crafty", but I don't agree. She used parts of a magnolia tree, and pine cones to make these adorable turkeys--an idea that she came up with on her own.
I wasn't home the day that the girls made their turkeys. When I returned home, I asked Madison what she had been doing. Madison told me that she'd been making turkeys with her mama. Then she said "But I don't know why we've been making turkeys!" Ha Ha Leave it to a child!
Another funny thing happened concerning Thanksgiving and the turkey. On Thanksgiving Day, Madison came into the kitchen just about the time my husband was going to carve the turkey. Keep in mind that she had been watching the commercial for Swanson's chicken broth on television--you know, the one where the turkey leaves the shopping cart and runs away from the "no name broth"...
Well, Madison took one look at that smoking turkey on the table, and asked "What is that?" When her mama told her it was the turkey, she looked disturbed. It took some coaxing to convince her that the turkey was NOT going to "get" her! Shame on those Swanson people and their commercial! Come to think of it, it was kind of spooky seeing that dead, raw turkey running around the grocery store!