Saturday, October 3, 2009

Six Word Saturday--Describe Your Life in Six Words

I never used to post a blog on Saturdays until I discovered "Six Word Saturday". It's a neat little meme where we have to describe what is going on with us in just six words. Talk about choosing words carefully! It's fun, I love it, and there are some neat people participating. They leave the coolest comments, too. If you'd like to know more, hop on over to That's Cate's place, and she started this little meme.

Speaking of Call Me Cate, you are the winner of the $10.oo Target Gift Card Giveaway to celebrate my 100th post! Please send me your address via email so I can mail your gift card to you! My email is A big thank you to all of those who left comments and were entered in the drawing! There is currently another giveaway in progress...see Friday's post for details!

Now for my six words: Having a health scare, need prayers!

I had my yearly mammogram done this week and was called back in. I had a tiny calcification spot that wasn't on my last mammogram. I had additional films done, for a better view, but won't know the results until Tuesday. Could use your prayers...

Thanks so much for stopping by......Kathy

Friday, October 2, 2009

Can You Tell Me Contest

It's Friday and that means it's time for a contest again. We are going to play "Can You Tell Me?" I'll ask 5 questions and you have to find the answers in my blog posts! I'll give you a hint where to find the answers...Just go to comments and leave your answers there. Each correct answer is worth one entry. Drawing to be held on Monday morning at 10am EST 10/5/09.

If your entry is drawn, you will win this neat bath toy that whirls and sprays water. I will even include the batteries for you. You can't beat that! Your child will love it!

Here are the questions:

1. Tell me one thing about my grandchildren that made me smile (9/30/09 post)

2. Tell me one thing that I said parents should teach their children (9/29/09 post)

3. Tell me what my 6 words were for last Saturday's Six Word Saturday meme (9/26/09 post)

4. How many days did Madison and her family stay at Disneyworld? (9/25/09 post)

5. Who did Brandy have her picture made with at Disneyworld? (9/28/09 post)

That's it, hope you had fun playing. Good Luck! As always, thanks for stopping by....Kathy

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Good Luck Chair!

This is the "good luck chair" rolled down from high chair into a rocking chair.

This is the rocking chair rolled up into high chair mode. Notice my baby? She's such a good baby!

This is my favorite "little man" Cade having a bite of supper in the "good luck chair"! He's almost as well-behaved as my baby doll....

A few years ago, while Brandy was pregnant and having so many problems, the hospital where my husband was working decided to have a silent auction to raise money. One of the items up for auction was a hand crafted, wooden chair. It was a unique chair because it was a high chair that also converted into a rocking chair. The couple who donated it to the auction had bought it many years before, thinking that they would one day use it for a child, but it never happened....sort of sad.

Anyway, my husband "took a fancy" to this chair and wanted to bid on it. Right away one of the doctors at the hospital wrote down a bid of $150.00 figuring that she was a "shoo in" to win it with a bid that high. Just to make sure, she told one of the people in charge of the auction to call her if anyone happened to outbid her. My husband witnessed this conversation and wasn't too happy about it. He stewed about it all day...he hadn't thought that the bid would go that high.

My husband called me and told me about the chair. He asked me what I thought it might be worth. I had no idea, since I didn't know what kind of chair he was describing, but I told him if he liked it to get it.

A couple of minutes before the auction was over, Ed went over to the auction table and wrote down a bid a few dollars higher than the $150.00 bid. The man who was supposed to be watching the bids on the high chair was busy at that moment and couldn't let the doctor know. The auction ended and Ed won himself a chair! Boy, was that lady doctor upset!

Ed decided that the chair was going to be our "good luck chair", er "good luck charm", and he declared that everything would eventually be okay with Brandy and the baby...and it was. Madison is living proof! I just love a good ending!

The chair is very pretty, but it's so nice that we really hate to use it for a high chair. So, it usually sits around holding one of my dolls, making an interesting conversation piece. Occasionally, we do use it for a high chair, but we never have used it for a rocking chair.

You'd have to know how frugal my husband is with his money to truly appreciate this story him of biddng on the lucky chair, but a move like that was totally out of character for Ed. Maybe he just had a feeling about that special chair...our good luck charm.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

100 Things About My Grandchildren That Made Me Smile

This is it! This is my 100th post about the two most special grandchildren in the world--mine! In honor of this day, I have been remembering and making a list of some of the things that I have enjoyed the most with far. Read and enjoy. Grandchildren are such a blessing!

Oh, and by the way! Today is the day that I draw the winner of the Target Gift Card. The winner is....Call Me Cate from I participate in Cate's meme "Six Word Saturday" and have a great time doing it. We have to describe our lives...or something... using only six words! Congratulations, Cate, and thanks for the comments each week! You prize will soon be in the mail.

Now, here are just a few of the things about my precious grandchildren that make me smile...

1. The fact that after nearly 9 months of nothing but problems with the pregnancy, Madison was born healthy.

2. The fact that Cade's mother had such an easy time with her pregnancy.

3. Seeing Madison so precious and cute wrapped up in her cap and blanket after just being born.

4. Looking at Caden laying out in the isolate, naked to the world, just minutes after being born.

5. Hearing the news "mother and baby are fine"--twice!

6. Just feeling in my heart that Brandy was having a little boy, only to find out it was a little

7.Hearing that Caden was a little boy, since we already had a grandaughter.

8. Shopping for little girl outfits for six months, even though I had to push Brandy around in a
wheelchair while we shopped!

9. Seeing the look of wonder and amazement on my son's face while he looked at Cade
after seeing him born.

10. Getting to hold Madison for the first time, and every time after that! She's about too heavy now.

11. Getting to hold Caden for the first time, and every time after that! He's too busy now!

12. Getting to babysit Madison for the first time.

13. Getting to babysit Caden for the first time...finally.

14. Seeing that first smile when I talked to Madison.
15. Seeing that first smile when I talked to Caden.

16. Watching Madison lay in the floor and coo at the ceiling fan...funny girl!

17. Seeing what kind of hat Christina has on Caden--she loves hats!

18. Watching Madison suck her fingers and get so much enjoyment out of it...future braces...
19. Seeing Caden's face when he sees his Monkey "lovie" he sleeps with it.

20. Watching Cade's face watch me while I sing and rock him to sleep.

21. Watching Madison's face watch me while I sing to her.

22. Watching Madison listen to me while I read books to her.

23. Blowing bubbles with Madison...simple pleasures.

24. Watching Cade look at his Veggie Tales Larry the Cucumber!

25. Watching Cade jump in his Jumperoo...all smiles!

26. Watching Cade float around in the swimming pool, kicking his feet.

27. Seeing Caden's face light up when he sees his toys at my house.

28. Watching Madison beat on the storm door of her house trying to get outside to me.

29. Watching Caden try to grab at a cat when one strolls by.

30. Watching Madison try to get away from a cat when they rub her.

31. Listening to Madison sing.

32. Watching Madison eat a doughnut...eats around the hole.

33. Talking with Madison on the telephone.

34. Having Madison spend the night with us...bed hog!

35. Looking at pictures with Madison...she loves it!

36. Combing and fixing Madison's hair in different ways.

37. Trimming Madison's hair as it grows.

38. Giving Madison a bath and watching her play in the tub.

39. Watching Madison cry when we used to all sing the Happy Birthday song...every time!

40. Listening to Madison say the blessing before a meal...she tends to speak lower...

41. Watching Madison climb up the steps of our front porch--by herself.

42. Hearing Madison say "I do it myself!"

43. Listening to Madison count to 12...and beyond with help.

44. Asking Madison what color something is and hearing her say the correct answer!

45. Looking into Caden's beautiful blue eyes...I'll be the first of many females to smile because of those...

46. The way Cade smells...he always smells wonderful!

47. Seeing all of Caden's monkey loves monkeys.

48. Hearing Madison's first word...

49. Hearing Cade's first word...

50. Seeing Madison learn to roll over.

5l. Seeing Cade learn to roll's exciting with every grandchild, not just the first!

52. Watchig Madison learn to hold her first toy...rattle, rattle!

53. Watching Cade learn to hold his first toy.

54. Seeing Madison's first tooth peeking through her gums.

55. Seeing Cade's first tooth peeking through his gums, followed by a second one.

56. Watching Madison eat her first cereal...messy.

57. Watching Cade learn to eat table food...he can pick it up like a pro.

58. Singing to Madison and having her tell me to "Hush MiMi."...I tell you she's musically talented!

59. Watching Madison swing in the swing at the park and love it!

60. Watching Madison slide down the slide by herself...after she's taken 30 minutes to climb it!

61. Being able to see Madison's face on Christmas morning...look of total disbelief!

62. Watching Cade play with the musical light up stage...priceless.

63. Watching Cade's face when his mama walks in the room...he lights up the room.

64. Watching Cade crawl after the ball.

65. Watching Cade get on his knees, pull up, and explore higher ground...never a dull moment.

66. Being able to see Cade pull up for the first time...lucky!

67. Watching Madison play ball...what a hoot!

68. Watching Madison's imagination at work when she is playing by herself...the things her dolls say!

69. Watching Cade open and close a cabinet door, over and over.

70. Hearing Cade say "whooze zat?" Too funny!

71. Looking at Cade's latest pictures that he's had made-he's a natural!

72. Watching Madison get her picture made, she gets all excited!

73. Watching Madison watch her first live play of Winnie the Pooh--awesome!

74. Watching as Madison is now able to open our door all by herself!

75. Watching Cade drive his pretend car...look out mom and dad.

76. Having the opportunity to change Cade's diaper--yes I enjoy that, too.

77. Seeing Madison finally go to the potty by herself....finally!

78. Watching Madison finally start to color inside the lines and hold the crayon correctly.

79. Hearing Madison call my husband "E" "Come on "E" sit down!" she says

80. Watching Madison and my husband play together--like two children!

81. Watching Cade's daddy carry him around and get more confident as a beautiful.

82. Watching Cade's daddy play with him in the!

83. Knowing that both of my grandchildren are loved and well taken care of by their parents...blessing!

84. Knowing that both of my grandchildren are living in christian homes...Thank you, God.

85. Hearing Madison sing new little church songs that she's learning...she improvises when she forgets the words...

86. Knowing that both of my grandchildren live close that!

87. Being able to share in regular activities with my grandchildren.

88. Having had the opportuntiy to share vacation trips with both grandchildren...never dull!

89. Watching Cade crawl around and explore everything...he's on the move now!

90. Hearing Caden giggle when someone tickles him.

91. The first time I realized that Cade recognized me...ahhhh.

92. Seeing Cade clap his hands. Pat-a-cake!

93. Watching Madison kiss "my boo boo"....after she gives me a pinch!

94. Hearing Madison say "MiMi, I pee peed, do the happy dance!"

95. Watching Madison walk across the yard moving just like her daddy...she should've been a boy!

96. Hearing how Madison didn't like being close to the characters at Disneyworld...just like her mama.

97. Watching Madison's face as she rides a kiddie ride...loves the carosel.

98. Getting to see Cade have his first coin-operated horse ride.

99. The sight of Madison and Cade wearing cute.

100. Hearing Madison say she wants to ride in "MiMi's car"..her middle name should be "go".

I could list at least 100 more, but I know you are tired of reading, so I will stop. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my blog....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday's Blog Hop--Three Things That Parents Should Teach Their Children

Wow, that's a big subject! As parents, we teach our children so many things...We are our children's most important to pick just three things?

I believe the first thing that we should teach is love--for Jesus, for others and for yourself. Love is patient, love is kind, love is unconditional...your family will love you, no matter what.

The second thing that I believe is very important to teach our children is honor. We need to teach children that we should honor people(our parents, siblings, teachers, elderly, etc), places(our homes, schools, churches, our country, etc.) and things-- the animals/wildlife, yes, even bugs and lizards-- things that we share our world with.
The last thing that I think we should teach our children is obedience. As a christian I believe that everyone should obey God. Children should obey their parents, teachers, and other adults. Teach them that we need to obey the laws of our cities, states, and country, even if we don't always understand or agree. If we learn to be obedient at an early age, it makes life much easier as we grow older.

Just learning these three simple things will go a long way toward making our child the kind of person that we all should strive to be. Those are my thoughts for this Tuesday, how about you?

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday at Disneyworld...

This Not Me, Monday is dedicated to Madison and her family who find themselves having a grand old time at Disneyworld in Florida on this Monday morning...

My daughter, Brandy, did not spend 6 months planning and saving for a trip to Walt Disneyworld, only to get sick two days before the trip! She did not go on the planned trip anyway, armed with various over-the-counter medications and determined not to let "the crud" get the best of her!

Brandy did not call me on Saturday morning to tell me that she had just had her picture made with Chip and Dale...and that they seemed rather "taken" by her and didn't want to let her go after the photo was taken! One of them did not actually chase after her as she was leaving...

While eating breakfast at Winnie's restaraunt, grandaughter, Madison, was not horrified when Winnie the Pooh slipped up beside her while she was eating breakfast...Madison did not let out a scream, to which Winnie the Pooh threw up his hands and ran away...Madison did not finally agree to touch Tigger's arm and give him a "high five" after refusing to have anything to do with all other characters...

Madison and her family did not got to see the Mainstreet Electrical Parade on Saturday night only to be "squished" by so many people...It did not come a rain storm at the end of the parade...they did not run to the candy shop to get in out of the rain...they did not end up paying seven dollars each for plastic ponchos to protect them from the rain because unbrellas were selling for eleven dollars each!

Madison's favorite part of Disneyworld--so far-- has not been riding the shuttle bus to and from the hotel. She does not call it Mickey Mouse's school bus!

Brandy did not ask Madison if she was ready to go home yet, to which Madison did not reply, "No, I like it at Mickey Mouse's House!" I guess it's a good thing that they still have a couple of days left to stay there...

That's it for my Not Me, Monday. What have you not been doing? Hop on over to Mckmama's place at to see what she and others have not been up to lately! Thanks for hopping by...
By the way...there are only about 2 more days to leave a comment and be entered in the drawing for the Target Gift Card...