Friday, September 9, 2011

His Father's Son...

Quiet little Caden's personality is constantly evolving.  He's turned out to be quite a serious young man--he's becoming very intense.  He also appears to become interested only in certain things, and totally concentrates most of his attention and energy toward those "certain things". 

At the moment Cade's still very interested in tractors, lawn equipment, and tools.  He seems to love nothing better than "fixing" things or pretending to mow down the flowers in the yard with the bubble mower!  A tractor is one of his favorite toys.  None of these things are like his dad, but are more like his "Epa" or Uncle Clint.  Cade's daddy hates yard work and fixing things.

However, Cade's daddy, Brett,  is a very intense, serious person, who usually focuses his attention only on the few certain things that interest him.  He's still that way today.  While Brett was growing up, he took his play very seriously--just like Cade does! 

One of Brett's "all-time" favorite toys was a ride-on tractor.  It ran on battery power, and that poor tractor made a million trips around our yard before it finally wore out.  Brett never liked playing with cars or trucks though. He only liked that riding tractor!

Another very striking similarity, between father and son, became evident  yesterday while Cade was playing around in the yard.  As he constantly moved about the yard getting into things, I found it necessary to speak to him several times.  In other words, I "got onto" him.  He eventually got mad with me, and walked away muttering "Dang it."  This action was exactly like something his father would've done!  Cade is definitely his father's son...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Great Maddie Moment...

Madison has always been a little performer, without really meaning to.  She's managed to keep us all entertained and laughing for the past few years. She's always been so dramatic and animated.

I found these movie clips buried in the depths of my computer yesterday.  I had another good laugh when I watched them.

Madison was a little slow in getting started talking to me, but once she got going, she really got going!  See what I mean...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Birthday Candygram From Caden...

My birthday was last week, and I got very unique and thoughtful gift from grandson, Caden. His mom is very creative, and came up with the idea to make a "candy gram" to me from Caden.  (click on the image to enlarge it)

It read:

Don't get a "Big(lemon)head", but I think you're pretty great! You're an "Extra(gum)special" person who's "Mounds" of fun and have brought me tons of "(Almond)joy"! Not to "Butter(finger)" you up, but even if I went into "Orbit(gum), searched the "Milky Way", I couldn't find a Mimi quite like you!   I would love to give you "100Grand" and send you on a shopping "Spree" or even a trip to New "York(Peppermint Pattie)", but I thought it would be more fun to make this giant "Sweet(tart) card instead. That way I can tell you how I've enjoyed the "Big(peanut butter lover's cup)" times with you...from when I was a tiny "Baby(ruth)" until now, almost "3(Musketeers)" old. Playing with your toys, eating all your "candy corn" and throwing "(Pop)rocks" in your fountain are just a few favorite "moments(Mentos)". I hope this makes you "Snicker" and not "Cry(babies)". Have a "Red Hot" birthday!   Love you to "(Reese's) Pieces", Caden

I love my "candy gram".  I'm going to enjoy looking at it for just a few days, before I eventually take it apart and share it with the grand kids.  I'm sure they will both enjoy helping me dispose of the candy :)

Thanks a bunch Caden!  We'll be eating your gift soon!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Maddie's Second First Day of School...

 Maddie's school supplies

Getting ready to go...

Outside of the school

Inside of the school

I can't believe it's that time again already...Time to bid summertime goodbye, and say "hello" to a brand new school year, but alas it is time! All good things must come to an end...

This morning marked the beginning of Madison's first day of her second year of school. Her mama says that Madison woke up at 5:30 in the morning--ready to go! By the time I ambled over to their house a few minutes after seven, Madison was dressed and had already eaten breakfast!

We took a few pictures, then loaded up in the car, bound for Maddie's first day of "Busy Beavers". I really appreciate my daughter giving me the opportunity to "tag along". I enjoy watching Madison experience new things, and like to think that I can be of some support to my daughter.  Sometimes it's very difficult to watch our little ones spread their wings...especially for us "stay-at-home moms".

By the time we arrived at school, several other children were already there. Madison quickly hung up her book bag, then went to explore her new school. She barely gave us a second glance. I am so thankful! It made the morning much easier. The tears being shed this morning didn't belong to Madison...

I can hardly wait to hear about Madison's exciting first day of her new school. I hope she enjoys herself, and learns lots of new and exciting things. As for Maddie's mom, I think she will enjoy her mornings of freedom--once she gets used to her quiet house!