Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick-Or-Treat - They Sure Are Sweet...

All three "grands" posing together

Chase the duck, with his brother, Farmer Caden

Madison, the cowgirl

Ed and I only had three trick-or-treaters come our house on Tuesday night, but I happen to think that our three little visitors were the best of the bunch!  That's probably because they are my grandchildren!  As usual, I had a "goody bag" waiting on our little visitors when they arrived, which they promptly tore into!

This year, our little ones came dressed as a cowgirl, a farmer, and a duck.  All were equally precious, but that little duck with those striped legs just stole my heart!  I couldn't help but think about the year his brother showed up dressed as a skunk!  Then, of course, there was the year his brother was dressed as a monkey, too...

Our visitors didn't stay long, but they did take a moment and allow me to take a few photographs.  Some of them were more willing participants than others, but all participated.  What can I say, except "Like father, like son.", his daddy was the same way, when it came to having his picture taken.

I'm told that all three "grands" now have lots of candy, which they will enjoy munching for the next several weeks.  Oh the joys of being a kid!