Saturday, November 6, 2010

Six Word Saturday...November 6

My six words for today are: I believe this ballerina is tired!
Tuesdays are busy days for granddaughter, Madison.
She has preshool from 9-12, then dance class from 4-5.
Sometimes she just has to stop and take a "finger-sucking" break.
I'm pretty sure I see an orthodontist in Madison's future...
She comes from a long line of thumb and finger suckers!

Thanks to Cate for hostig this fun meme!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Many Cats Do You See?

Recently, I was looking through my photographs, when I spotted this one from Trick-or-Treat night.

While looking at this photograph, I noticed several cats located in various locations throughout the yard.

There is a reason for this was near feeding time whenever this photograph was taken!

Cats are creatures of habit, and they begin gathering around our yard at the same time each day.

You could say that our "little witch", Madison, had more than her share of cats around her on that day!

By the way...there are five cats in the picture--four real ones, and a fake one. See if you can find all of them!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Lil' Stinker...

A cute "Lil Stinker" came to our house on Trick-or-Treat night.
His name was Caden, and he was dressed up as a skunk!
I laughed so much when I saw him!
I've never seen anything as cute as Caden dressed up in that skunk suit--
and Cade waddled like a pregnant skunk whenever he walked!
It was hilarious!
If you are wondering why Caden is standing in a chair...
It is because that's the only way we could keep our active little boy still.
Our "Lil' Stinker" is always on the go...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Madison Enjoys Her First School Fall Festival...

Things have been changing rapidly for Madison this year, since she began going to "Wee Ones". She is always learning something or going through a new experience--it's been wonderful for her.

The church that "Wee Ones" is affiliated with holds a Fall Festival each year for the little ones in their school. The Fall Festival was held last Thursday morning, and parents were urged to come and take their kids around to the booths. I went as a "tag along" to take pictures and watch Madison experience her first Fall Festival.

At first, I was hesitant to "tag along", but once I got there, I saw some other grandparents, too. A lot of the grandparents transport the little ones to and from school for their parents anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that some parents had actually taken time off from work to go to the festival with their children. Yay for them!

The Fall Festival was very nice, and Madison enjoyed herself very much. There were several fun games for the children to participate in, as well as cupcake decorating and face painting. Madison's favorite activity was the "bouncy house". She actually learned how to climb the wall and slide down the bouncy slide...something she wouldn't have attempted a couple of months ago.
After the children visited each of the booths, and played in the Bouncy House for a while, they were fed a lunch of sandwiches, chips, cupcakes, brownies, and orange koolaid. The adults were invited to join their children for lunch if they wanted to.

It was great fun watching Madison experience her first Fall Festival. As I've mentioned before, it's always fun experiencing something (again) through a child's eyes...I hope this won't be the last Fall Festival for this MiMi...