Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Many Cats Do You See?

Recently, I was looking through my photographs, when I spotted this one from Trick-or-Treat night.

While looking at this photograph, I noticed several cats located in various locations throughout the yard.

There is a reason for this was near feeding time whenever this photograph was taken!

Cats are creatures of habit, and they begin gathering around our yard at the same time each day.

You could say that our "little witch", Madison, had more than her share of cats around her on that day!

By the way...there are five cats in the picture--four real ones, and a fake one. See if you can find all of them!

1 comment:

NanaDiana said...

I especially like the one cleverly hidden behind the tree that is walking the deck rail! lol- Diana
Your little one is just "bewitching"- Diana