Saturday, July 10, 2010

Six Word Saturday...

Caden loves his "Harold" the helicopter!

My little grandson, Caden, loves all things "Thomas the Train". He has several of the trains, but didn't have a Harold the helicopter.

Last weekend while we were visiting St. Simon's Island, my daughter found a wooden Harold the helicopter in a toy store on the island, and showed it to me. Of course, it was over-priced, but I bought it anyway. I brought "Harold" home and gave it to Cade. He must have liked it, because not long after I gave it to him he pooped in his diaper--a "sure fire" sign of excitement :)

The real "kicker" to this story is... after I paid seventeen dollars for the little wooden "Harold", I found a little die cast one at Target for five dollars...that's the way this MiMi's luck runs! Oh well, that's one nice "Harold" that you have there, Caden...enjoy!
Thanks to Cate at for hosting this fun weekly meme.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's Who...In The Family

This is my grandson, Caden Wesley, along with his daddy, Brett, and his mama, Christina. Brett is my oldest son, and the middle child.

Both Brett and Christina are quiet and shy. Cade is quiet and shy as well, but he is very active. He loves "exploring" everything, but doesn't make much noise, or have much to say--yet. Occasionally, he and Madison like to have contests to see who can scream the loudest!

This is my oldest grandchild, Madison Elizabeth, posing(against her will)with her daddy, Clint, and her mama, Brandy. Brandy is my daughter, and the oldest of our three children.

Madison is "the spittin' image" of her mother when she was a child, but she has a lot of her daddy's taits, too. She walks exactly like him, and has a lot of his personality, as well. Madison isn't an "active" child, but she is a "talker". She talks all of the time...and she is loud! She gets this trait from her mother and her MiMi.

So now you know, who is our family--except I didn't mention my youngest son, Brad, who isn't married yet...Hopefully, one of these days I'll be including tales of his "off spring" in this blog as well--but not just yet!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Likes The Sand But Not The Surf...

Our entire family went on a "mini get-away" to celebrate the Fourth of July. We spent the weekend on nearby St. Simon's Island--along with about a million other people! I've never seen so many people crowded into such a small place...
It took a couple of attempts, but we finally found a spot on the beach so the grandchildren could experience a little sand and sun.
Cade seemed to enjoy the sand, despite the fact that some of it landed in his face--and he dropped his cookie in it twice! The surf was a little different story. There is just something unsettling about having those big waves rushing up toward you...he wasn't so sure about that water.
Have no fear Cade, I have a feeling you will grow to love having those waves rushing toward you in a few more years...and next time, we'll pick a less crowded beach!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maddie At The Pool...

We resorted to swimming in the condo pool this past weekend after excessive crowds kept us from finding a spot on the beach at St. Simon's Island. Trading the beach for the pool didn't seem to bother Madison one bit!

Who needs the beach when a large, beautifully landscaped swimming pool awaited us back at our condo?

Madison thoroughly enjoyed floating around in the pool, then she eventually learned how to jump off the edge of the pool into the water while holding her daddy's hands.

It was especially funny when Madison's daddy would pretend that someone was behind her trying to push her into the pool...she would turn around, flash her dark brown eyes, and yell "No!", and all the while nobody was there...

Madison, you are quite entertaining to watch!