Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maddie Loses Her First Tooth...

Last Friday evening, June 22,  marked another important milestone in the life of our granddaughter, Madison.  She lost her first tooth--with a little help from her dad!  The first tooth was quickly followed by the losing of a second tooth on June 24.  Madison pulled the second tooth out by herself.

We'd been expecting these baby teeth to come out for several days, since the permanent teeth had already come in directly behind them, and were completely through.  For a while, Madison had been the proud owner of 4 front bottom teeth!

The tooth fairy made a visit to Madison's house on Friday night, and left her five dollars.  My how times have changed!  I remember getting a quarter for my teeth, while our own children usually got a dollar.  I guess the tooth fairy has to take inflation into account, these days!

Another thing that's changed is how this whole thing with the tooth fairy works at Madison's house.  There's no placing of the tooth under Madison's pillow!  Madison has a special little pillow with a "tooth pocket" which hangs over the door knob of her bedroom.  The tooth fairy doesn't even have to enter Madison's room--which was certainly fine with Madison!

Man, the tooth fairy has it made these days--except for the amount of money that she has to leave!  Five dollars per tooth--let's see, that could run into quite a bit of money over time...and inflation is still on the rise!