Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cade Gets A Big Boy Haircut...

On Tuesday evening Cade came to visit and show off his "big boy" haircut. His Aunt Lisa cut it that day. He looks so cute! No more long hair in his eyes...I know I am partial, but I just think he's the cutest thing! Spoken like a true grandma...
I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Cade is walking now! He's up to several steps at a time now. I counted him taking about a dozen or so steps last night before he finally fell. He's been taking steps for a good while.
Cade's favorite activity seems to be pushing something while walking. He'll push our little John Deere ride-on tractor until it runs into something, then go around to the other end of it and push it back the other way. So cute!
It's so hard to imagine that Cade was just a tiny little thing last year this time--less than a week old. Now here he is walking, talking, and making us all laugh. What a difference!
I won't be having a giveaway for the next two weeks, due to the volume of mail and the busy time of the season. I may also take a few days off from posting so I can have more time to enjoy the approaching holidays. I'll be back soon with more giveaways and tons of new stories, I'm sure! I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas--I'll be back before the New Year!

Two of God's Greatest Gifts...

We had our church Christmas program last evening. It was Madison's first time being in a program. She sang her little heart out and had a wonderful time. She was way in the back of the stage, but her performance was so compelling I think she sort of stole part of the show! She was the youngest one in the program, but she out-sang everyone around her.

I can't tell you how many people commented on how good she was singing. I kept thinking--imagine what she would've done if she'd had the music CD for more than 5 days...she may have taken over a solo!

After the program, some of the children were having their pictures made with the scenery of the program. We waited around and snapped a few pictures of our grand babies. They are so sweet and special to us, truly they are two of God's greatest gifts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Madison, Our Little Songbird...

Madison has loved to sing for as long as I can remember. Even when she couldn't say the words, she could hum the tune. I always called her the toddler of a thousand tunes.

Our church is having a children's program tonight. At first, they sort of over-looked Madison because of her age, and didn't invite her to be in the program. Finally, they did put her in the program, but never gave her a cd of the music. On last Friday, Madison finally received her copy of the music for the program.

It is now Wednesday, and Madison has learned the music! On Sunday, the children sang one of the songs from the program at the morning service, and Madison sang along with them perfectly. Never under-estimate a child...

I was on the phone with Brandy, Madison's mother, this morning and I could hear Madison singing in the background at the top of her lungs. I asked what Madison was doing. Brandy said, "Oh, she's having a Christmas Program with Captain Hook, Snow White, Tinkerbell, and a Polly Pocket doll!" It sounded like they were all doing a great job to me! Have a great day...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas 2008 In Photos

Ed and I had the pleasure of being at Madison's house when she walked into the living room of her house and found what Santa had left for her. I love the sleepy look on her face...she hadn't realized what was happening yet!

Of all of the holiday gifts that we received last Christmas--this little fellow was the most special...Making his appearance just 13 days before Christmas, little Caden Wesley joined our family.

All of the hustle, bustle of the holidays just wore me and "Bobs" out! We had to take a little rest sometimes! "Bobs" is always ready to rest and snuggle.

Madison calls Santa Claus "Ho Ho". She wouldn't have anything to do with the real "Ho Ho", so we had to settle for having her picture made with a fake one!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Cade!

It's official now! Baby Cade has turned one. Despite the weather not cooperating with us, Cade's family and friends came together to help him celebrate his big day!
Cade seemed to wonder what all of the fuss was about...At one point he just sat in the floor and looked around at all of the people...

Of all of the party foods, his favorite seemed to be the Cheetos. He did "dig in" his party cake--but from the looks of the picture above, he really had an eye for that chocolate chip cookie!

There were lots of people, gifts, and the cake was awesome. Cade's mama did a fantastic job decorating the church annex, too. I have pics that I will share later this week!
Cade received the most unusual birthday gift that I've ever seen, from his Aunt Lisa--who has a good sense of humor! She gave him a small laundry basket full of plastic hangers, because she says that's his favorite thing to play with at her house! I must say, he immediately began playing with them! Enjoy those hangers Cade, in a few years your mama will teach you what they are REALLY for!
The winner of this weekend's giveaway is Amanda! Congratulations to her! Have a great day! Kathy