Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Cade!

It's official now! Baby Cade has turned one. Despite the weather not cooperating with us, Cade's family and friends came together to help him celebrate his big day!
Cade seemed to wonder what all of the fuss was about...At one point he just sat in the floor and looked around at all of the people...

Of all of the party foods, his favorite seemed to be the Cheetos. He did "dig in" his party cake--but from the looks of the picture above, he really had an eye for that chocolate chip cookie!

There were lots of people, gifts, and the cake was awesome. Cade's mama did a fantastic job decorating the church annex, too. I have pics that I will share later this week!
Cade received the most unusual birthday gift that I've ever seen, from his Aunt Lisa--who has a good sense of humor! She gave him a small laundry basket full of plastic hangers, because she says that's his favorite thing to play with at her house! I must say, he immediately began playing with them! Enjoy those hangers Cade, in a few years your mama will teach you what they are REALLY for!
The winner of this weekend's giveaway is Amanda! Congratulations to her! Have a great day! Kathy

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