Saturday, August 6, 2011

Six Word Saturday..." Caden's Key"

My six words for today are: 

Follow the adventures of "Caden's Key"...

You may be wondering what "Caden's Key" is..."Key" is a tiny, beige, soft blanket, with the upper portion of a monkey's body sewn in the middle of it.  Some people refer to them as "lovies".

Our two-year-old grandson, Caden, has had Key since birth.  He formed an attachment with Key early in life.  Caden especially wants Key with him when he gets tired or sleepy.  When Caden began talking, he couldn't say monkey, so he referred to his friend as, "Key".

It's a good thing that Caden's mother had the foresight to go out and purchase a duplicate "Key" in the early stages of Caden's life--when it became apparent that there was going to be a lasting bond there.  Caden and Key are inseperable, and the two go everywhere together.  As a result, Caden and Key have been on a lot of adventures together--and Key has gotten left behind a time or two!

Key's latest adventure was in our local Alco store.  When Key came up missing, the search was on in Alco!  Christina found Key hiding in the M&M display!  Now how do you suppose he got there???

Caden and Key were at our house for a visit last night--along with Madison and her parents.  It was late when all left to go home.  My husband and I went to bed shortly after everyone left.  This morning when I walked into our pool room, guess what I found on the floor?  You guessed it!  "Key" spent the night with MiMi--again.

Below are a few photos of Caden and Key.  One of them is a picture of Key hiding in the M&M display at Alco!  Aren't camera phones the greatest?  There's no excuse to miss those "Kodak Moments"!

Speaking of Kodak moments, Caden took that first picuture of Key--all by himself!  Not bad for a two-year-old, huh?  I guess he wanted a picture of his best friend...

Thanks to Caden's mom, Christina, for the use of her Facebook photos.  They're all "keepers"!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Word Patrol...

These are tough times that we are living in!  Nothing seems to be censored on radio or television anymore, and the language that one hears out in public these days is just plain filth most of the time, too. 

As a result, Maddie's parents are having to work "over time" to make sure she doesn't pick up any foul language from all of these outside sources.  They are doing a great job, and have made quite an impression on Maddie.

Now keep in mind, that none of us close to Maddie curse, so that hasn't been an issue, but one word that some of us tend to use sometimes is the word "stupid".  Madison's mama has taught her not to say "stupid" because she says it doesn't sound nice. 

Unfortunately, sometimes us older folks (MiMi and E) tend to slip up and use the word "stupid" to refer to things that "bug" us from time to time--like our politicians, mosquitoes, gnats, the south Georgia heat, and other pests!  You know, it's funny, the older we get, the more things seem to bug us!  We seem use that word quite a bit some days.
We have recently dubbed Maddie our little "word patrol". She is quick to remind us if we slip up and say the "S word"!  Thank goodness, our "bad word" vocabulary is pretty limited--and thank goodness for our little "word patrol"!

Tammys Two Cents

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look Who's Driving...

Can you see that tiny little head behind the steering wheel?  Guess who it is?  It's big boy, Caden, taking his first go cart ride!!!

Caden's dad loves to drive go carts, and a couple of weeks ago, their family traveled an hour to our nearest go cart track.  I don't know how his parents did it, but they managed to talk Caden into getting in the cart--and taking a ride.  Something Cade said he didn't care about doing again, but of course, I'm sure that opinion will change over time, too!

I love the photo of Brett and Caden riding around the track. I love family times...They're simply the best!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sharing Some Recovered Maddie Moments...

Up until recently, I thought I'd lost a treasure trove full of movie clips taken with my digital camera.  Thankfully, my oldest son showed me where my movies are stored on my computer, then helped me file them so I could find them.  I'm very grateful for two my "computer savy" sons!

I'm feeling sort of nostalgic today, so I searched through the movie files and found a few old clips from several years ago.  Wow!  It's hard to remember Madison ever being this tiny, but I know that she was!  This video is over four years old!

These clips will mean so much to Madison one of these days...Not only is there video of her as a baby, but she will have her mother' voice narrating the movie.  Only us older folks can truly appreciate the marvel of being able to hear your mom's voice, one of these days, when she's no longer with you.

This particular movie clip concerns "The Wiggles".  Oh how we loved The Wiggles!  Unfortunately, by the time we discovered them, their show was nearing it's final season on television.  That's too bad, even I loved The Wiggles! 

Fortunately, Madison was able to attend a Wiggles concert while they were still coming on television!  Greg had retired by then, and Sam had taken his place, but the show was still great.  Lucky for us, her parents let me and my hubby tag along!  I truly enjoyed the show as much as Madison did! 

And now, without further delay...may I present, a "Maddie Moment" ...watching The Wiggles: