Saturday, June 26, 2010

MiMi's Little Helper...

I'm so glad that I finally got a photograph of Cade rolling this little popcorn popper over the carpet! I'm just sorry that he wasn't wearing several pairs of shiny beads around his neck like he usually is!

Every time Cade comes over, he puts on several pairs of those beads, and begins pushing the toy popper like he is vacuuming my carpet. I always tell him that he reminds me of a "desperate housewife".

I think that he looks like a "desperate housewife in high tops"--without his beads-- in this photograph!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Maddie and E...

My husband, known to the grandchildren as "E" is a special man. He's never too busy or too proud to get in the floor to play with the grandchildren. In fact, my daughter and I have decided that granddaughter, Madison, thinks that "E" is her own personal playmate. She talks to him like he's her best friend.

While we were on our recent vacation, Madison and "E" could be found strutting around the condo, acting like turkeys, and saying "gobble, gobble, gobble"! I don't know whose idea that game was, but they played it several times during the vacation. It was quite a sight--the two of them strutting around together!

Recently, Madison was doing something that she shouldn't be doing, and I heard "E" tell her if she didn't stop he would have to use "Sgt. Swatter (our large fly swatter) on her bottom. She looked at him like she couldn't believe her ears...but she complied with his wishes. I don't know whose heart it will break the worst if "E" ever has to use "Sgt. Swatter"...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Having Fun At The Beach...

Madison just returned from staying a couple of days at the beach. Her family accompanied my husband and me on our anniversary get-away, and Madison really had a great time! She's been to the beach several times before, but this time she really enjoyed herself!
Madison wasn't afraid of the water at all, and she enjoyed playing in the sand, as well. In the photograph above, she is playing with a new bucket and some little toys that her daddy bought her...John Deere, of course!
Pack your bag, Maddie, MiMi's going back to the beach again in a couple of weeks! Humm...I can hear that old Wiggles song "Havin' Fun At the Beach" playing in my head...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Can I Eat At "You" House?"

It's not secret that Maddie likes to eat--she always has. Both of her parents liked to eat when they were children--they still do.

For some reason, one of Madison's favorite things to do is to eat at our house! Sometimes she will walk in the door, and immediately ask "Can I eat at "you" house"? Madison hasn't learned to use the word "your" yet.

Sometimes she gets to eat with us, sometimes she doesn't. Maddie's mom has been known to bring Maddie's lunch over here--just so she can eat a MiMi's house. That seems to make her day!

Maybe food just tastes better in MiMi's Coca Cola kitchen...Maybe that explains why my husband and I have gained a few pounds!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Computer Babies...

These are my adorable "computer babies". Granddaughter, Maddie, is playing with an antique toy computer that belonged to her Uncle Brad, nearly 25 years ago. Cade is playing with a newer and greatly improved computer, that talks with him while he plays with it!

I am amazed at what a young age children can learn to operate, and navigate real computers! When I left the school system, nearly five years ago, our first grade students could play all kinds of games on our classroom computers, plus they could take tests on books they had read for homework!

I'm one of the "over fifty" crowd, and I still have trouble navigating my computer. Heck, ten years ago, I barely knew how to turn one on... My how times have changed!