Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Can I Eat At "You" House?"

It's not secret that Maddie likes to eat--she always has. Both of her parents liked to eat when they were children--they still do.

For some reason, one of Madison's favorite things to do is to eat at our house! Sometimes she will walk in the door, and immediately ask "Can I eat at "you" house"? Madison hasn't learned to use the word "your" yet.

Sometimes she gets to eat with us, sometimes she doesn't. Maddie's mom has been known to bring Maddie's lunch over here--just so she can eat a MiMi's house. That seems to make her day!

Maybe food just tastes better in MiMi's Coca Cola kitchen...Maybe that explains why my husband and I have gained a few pounds!

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Mom2One said...

Cute!! =) Maddie is such a doll. My neighbor's kids when we lived in KY would always invite themselves over. Cracked me up! My friend's child LOVES eating at our house. As soon as she walks in the front door...she's hungry! I'm sure my lil' man will be the same exact way. Too cute!!!!