Saturday, September 5, 2009

Six Word Saturday--Describe Your Life in Six Words

I don't usually post on Saturdays, but one of the blogs that I follow was doing this Six Word Saturday post and I was captivated by it. I went to the blog where this idea originated and read the story behind the blog idea. I loved it, so that's it, count me in. I love a good idea and I love a blog hop! So here first six word post describing my life...

Retired. Doing only what I want!

Hey! That was fun! See you next Saturday...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Can You Tell Me Contest...Enter to Win!

It's Fun Friday! It's time for another contest. I was disappointed last week when nobody submitted a caption for Maddie's photo, so...this week we will try a new game!

What do I do? All you have to do is chose one or more question(s) and find the answer in my posts. I will list the date of the post where the answer is, all you have to do is go read and find the answer. You can answer one question or all five. Leave your answer(s) in the form of a comment. Each correct answer is worth one entry in a random drawing. Contest ends at midnight on Sunday night (9/6/07), EST. The winner will be announced on Monday, 9/7/09.

What do I win? Randomly chosen winner will receive a gift bag consisting of an autumn themed kitchen towel, a bottle of Bath and Bodyworks kitchen soap in Gourmet Spice scent, and a tiny autumn themed shelf sitter(little girl holding an apple). I like the prize, I hope you will, too!

Now for the questions...

#1. Who is Caden's best friend? (post date 8/26/09)

#2. What is Madison's middle name? (post date 5/25/09)

#3. Where did I buy Caden's bean bag car? (post date 8/5/09)

#4. What is our family's Easter tradition that has to do with a particular egg? (post date 6/25/09)

#5. What does Madison do nearly every time she visits MiMi and E's house? (post date 7/16/09)
Have fun...

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The More We Get Together, The Happier We'll Be...

The other day I was keeping Cade for a couple of hours when Madison and her mother came over to visit. For the first time ever, Madison asked if she could hold Cade. Wow, she's come a long way...From not even wanting to sit by him to wanting to hold him! I am so glad!

After we let Madison briefly hold Cade(because he's getting pretty big), the two of them sat on the couch and looked at books together. It was so sweet...and then Cade decided that he liked Madison's books better than his. Every time he took her book, she'd get another one. He'd see it and take that one, too. It was sort of funny! Madison was a pretty good sport though.

I really hate the fact that Cade is the only cousin that Madison has at the moment. Cade on the other hand, has 17 cousins on just his mother, Christina's, side of the family! He has piles of cousins to play with at any given time--and most of the youngest ones are little boys! I am somewhat envious of large families. Christina's mother had 3 grandchildren born this month! Cade's mother is always attending birthday parties!
Anyway, I am thankful that Madison and Cade have each other on our side of the family. It makes things a little bit more fun now when we have our family dinners! Here's to having more grandchildren in the future, hopefully, while I am still young enough to enjoy them!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Journey From Toddler to Preschooler...

As I am beginning to feel the slight hint of fall in the air, I am beginning to see the slight signs that Maddie is getting ready to leave toddlerhood and enter the preschool phase.

First of all, she is finally showing us that she understands and knows how to use the potty...after refusing to cooperate all summer. There may actually be light at the end of this long tunnel! She used the potty several times yesterday, including doing some "poop"! I got a call from her at 8:30 last night announcing that she "did a big poop" and she wanted me to do a "happy dance"! My husband and I walked over to her house, along with our son who was visiting. We ALL did a "happy dance"! I even took a picture because it was her first time going "poo poo" in the potty!

Last night Maddie heard me say that I needed to get up early and go to the bank. She began saying she wanted to go. I told her that she could go. Her mama called me at 8:30 this morning to tell me that Madison was up and ready to go to the bank with me! She's usually a late sleeper.

When I loaded Maddie in my car to make the trip to town I accidentally pulled her hair as I was buckling her seatbelt. She said, "Ouch, you pulled my hair!" I apologized. Then she asked me where her toys were that I keep in the car and told me she wanted to hear some music...So many things from such a little girl!

She recently learned all of her colors and can sing or hum song that she hears! My heart just swelled last night while she was singing all of the little church songs that she's been learning precious and sweet!

It's so exciting to see the changes as Madison grows older. I get a little sad when I look at her little face and no longer see that "babyish look", but that's all a part of growing up. Instead of looking back, I'll just have to look forward with excitement about her new accomplishments....just wish I could s-l-o-w time down just a wee bit!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tuesday's Blog Hop, My Favorite Baby Photos

This is a photograph of Maddie and Cade getting ready for a little "fun in the sun" at the beach!

I love this photograph of Madison in her first Halloween costume...she made a cute little pumpkin!

This is Caden on Christmas wearing his little Santa Claus suit. He was only 13 days old...Ho, Ho, Ho! It was a Merry Christmas...

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Not My (Grand) Child, Monday!

I don't have any revelations about my own children this week and I wrote my own revelations in my other blog @ , so I will write about the grandchildren. At this point in time, they're the most fun to write about anyway!

No, Caden did not pull himself from sitting to standing for the first time last Sunday! No, the whole family, with the exception of his daddy, were not seated and watching this phenomenom as it happened! No, he did not like the feeling so good that he decided to try it again! No, he was not using his favorite toy, the musical light up stage to pull up on...Cade, you really were a "star" on Sunday!

No, Caden did not finally cut his first tooth this week! After eight and one half months of chewing and drooling, he finally was successful at getting one through! We are so happy for you Caden, do an encore for us....

No, Caden did not learn in one week's time how to "pick up" tidbits of food with his fingers and put them into his mouth--like a pro! The tidbits went from landing on the floor to landing in Cade's mouth! Can I hear an A-men?

No, Madison did not get into trouble numerous times this week after visiting her Nanna and Papa's house...No, she does not have a tough time transitioning sometimes....No, she did not get some spankings for sticking out her tongue, slapping, or just being difficult....No her mother did not go to bed with a headache after dealing with the transition...

No, MiMi did not have to get out "Sgt. Swatter," the big fly swatter, to help Madison figure out that she couldn't have her way at MiMi's house...Madison did not quickly remember how to act when she saw "Sgt. Swatter"...later Madison did not "act out" then quickly realize that she'd messed up and correct herself...thankyou, "Sgt. Swatter" and thank you, Lord, for the people who still believe in using them! A-men!

That does it for my post, now hop on over to Mckmama's blog @ and see what the rest of the bloggers in our carnival have been up to this week...thanks for hopping come again!