Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Journey From Toddler to Preschooler...

As I am beginning to feel the slight hint of fall in the air, I am beginning to see the slight signs that Maddie is getting ready to leave toddlerhood and enter the preschool phase.

First of all, she is finally showing us that she understands and knows how to use the potty...after refusing to cooperate all summer. There may actually be light at the end of this long tunnel! She used the potty several times yesterday, including doing some "poop"! I got a call from her at 8:30 last night announcing that she "did a big poop" and she wanted me to do a "happy dance"! My husband and I walked over to her house, along with our son who was visiting. We ALL did a "happy dance"! I even took a picture because it was her first time going "poo poo" in the potty!

Last night Maddie heard me say that I needed to get up early and go to the bank. She began saying she wanted to go. I told her that she could go. Her mama called me at 8:30 this morning to tell me that Madison was up and ready to go to the bank with me! She's usually a late sleeper.

When I loaded Maddie in my car to make the trip to town I accidentally pulled her hair as I was buckling her seatbelt. She said, "Ouch, you pulled my hair!" I apologized. Then she asked me where her toys were that I keep in the car and told me she wanted to hear some music...So many things from such a little girl!

She recently learned all of her colors and can sing or hum song that she hears! My heart just swelled last night while she was singing all of the little church songs that she's been learning precious and sweet!

It's so exciting to see the changes as Madison grows older. I get a little sad when I look at her little face and no longer see that "babyish look", but that's all a part of growing up. Instead of looking back, I'll just have to look forward with excitement about her new accomplishments....just wish I could s-l-o-w time down just a wee bit!

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