Friday, March 4, 2011

Listening Eyes...

The other day my daughter, Brandy, and I spent part of the day together working on our scrapbooks. She was scrapbooking Disneyworld photos, while I was doing photos from the 70's!

As lunchtime approached, Madison asked if she could eat lunch with me. She always wants to eat with me! I asked what she wanted, and she chose her favorite-- tuna.

After getting lunch ready, we asked Madison to say the blessing. She recited the blessing, then quickly informed her mother that she didn't have her eyes closed during the blessing!

Brandy quickly replied, " Well, if you know that my eyes were open, then you must've had your eyes open, too!"

Madison quickly replied, "No, I could hear that your eyes were open!"

Now there's one for the record books...hearing when the eyes are open!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bit Of Madison's Christmas Program at

I realize that this is a little late, but I just found the movie clips on the computer, and wanted to share them on this blog!

Madison is the child, with pigtails, standing to the left of the teacher. She has on pink long-sleeves under her t-shirt.

She is also the child who really "gets into" shaking her jingle bells toward the end of the last song!

We also found it amusing when Miss Claudine's bell flew away, and she had to retrieve it--in mid-song!

Miss Claudine is actually the paraprofessional, but Madison calls her "the food teacher" because she always helps with snacks!

The other teachers are sitting down front "leading" the singing.

I hope Madison will enjoy watching this someday :) I know I sure do!

It's The Little Things...

Ethan, waiting for a "belly rub" from the grandchildren...

There is nothing in the world that compares with being a grandparent! It's life giving you a chance to enjoy life through the eyes of a child--one more time! There are always those funny moments...

Like Monday when Cade came walking in with his boots on the wrong feet. When I told him he had his shoes on the wrong feet, he said "They're not shoes, they're boots!"

Or like when Cade walked by my canister of cookies on the kitchen table and said " Mmm, I like cookies!"

Or like last night when I was finishing up supper, and phone rang. It was Madison saying " I'm gonna' sing you a song!", and then she sang the months of the year song to me-- over the telephone...

Sometimes, it's those "little things" that make my day special. I just wish time would slow down just a bit, so I could enjoy those "little things" a little bit more...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Official...We're Old!

I mentioned last week that granddaughter, Madison, has learned how to use the telephone. Recently, after Madison received a card from her great-grandmother, my daughter helped Madison place a call to her to say thank you for the gift.

Madison's "E-ma" is older, and her hearing isn't as good as it used to be. Apparently, "E-ma" had some trouble hearing Madison over the phone.

Later, Madison was asking her mom why "E-ma" couldn't hear on the telephone. My daughter began to explain that "E-ma" was getting old, and sometimes when a person gets older, they don't hear so good.

After hearing her mom's explanation, Madison looked at her mom, then asked "Are "E" and MiMi old, 'cause he always says "Huh?" and MiMi says "What?"

I guess that makes it official...we're old!