Friday, March 4, 2011

Listening Eyes...

The other day my daughter, Brandy, and I spent part of the day together working on our scrapbooks. She was scrapbooking Disneyworld photos, while I was doing photos from the 70's!

As lunchtime approached, Madison asked if she could eat lunch with me. She always wants to eat with me! I asked what she wanted, and she chose her favorite-- tuna.

After getting lunch ready, we asked Madison to say the blessing. She recited the blessing, then quickly informed her mother that she didn't have her eyes closed during the blessing!

Brandy quickly replied, " Well, if you know that my eyes were open, then you must've had your eyes open, too!"

Madison quickly replied, "No, I could hear that your eyes were open!"

Now there's one for the record books...hearing when the eyes are open!

1 comment:

LC said...

Yep, the Maddie record book is getting really really thick! Loved the Maddie eye pix as a lead in. Have a great weekend!