Friday, February 24, 2012

More Valentine's Day Gifts...

I didn't get to see Chase or Caden on Valentine's Day.  Both were busy with their mom, doing other things on that day.  When I did see them on Friday evening, however, they came bearing belated Valentine's Day gifts.

Our candy and two cards from the boys!

This is the inside of the hand-made card--decorated by Caden.  We laughed and commented that the drawing of "E" resembled the old SNL playdough character, "Mr. Bill" :)  He seems to be saying, "Oh no!!!"  Love the flower sticker for me, and the tractor for "E"...Oh, I forgot--Caden corrected me and said, "That's a backhoe, not a tractor!"  I stand corrected.

And here's the other valentine.  One of the cutest that I've ever seen!  It may have something to do with that picture on the front of it!  Thanks, guys.

Monday, February 20, 2012

"Out Cold"

Baby Chase is known for being restless.  He's had a lot of tummy aches since his birth--in other words, he's been a bit colicky.  He also grunts and moves around a lot.

On this particular day, however, he was totally relaxed...I mean, he was "out cold"!  Those are my loving arms that he's resting so comfortably in...

I asked my daughter to quickly take a photo, and she did.  Not long after this photo was taken,  baby Chase woke up and began squirming again.  I guess it was a good rest, while it lasted...I certainly enjoyed it :)