Friday, March 11, 2011

Something Bad/Something Good...

Wednesday of this week started out with Madison having to go to the pediatrician for those always awful, always dreaded, immunization shots! I just tagged along for the ride.

The day began with Madison's mama being told by the nurse that Madison would be needing five shots that day! Now, call us old-fashioned, but we happen to think five shots at one time is a little bit much!!!

After some arguing back and forth, the pediatrician finally realized that five immunizations were not going to be happening for Madison that day. She received two of them, plus a finger prick. That was the bad part of the day...

The day improved considerably, after we ate some lunch, then headed for a new establishment called "The Clubhouse". Visiting "The Clubhouse" was Madison's reward for having to endure a doctor visit, and three sticks!

I'd never been to The Clubhouse, but Madison and her family had recently gone there on a church outing. It was an impressive place! The Clubhouse has miniature golf, batting cages, laser tag, bowling, a ball pit, all kinds of arcade games, and a restaurant--all under one roof!

Here's a photograph of Madison posing by some of the games.

As soon as Madison's ticket had been purchased, she headed for her favorite thing--The Ball Pit! I was impressed with how quickly she was able to climb the rope ladder to reach the loft area of the pit. Going to school has been good for Madison in a lot of different ways!

Unfortunately, Madison was the only child in The Clubhouse that day, so her mama had to eventually go up inside the ball pit and play with her a bit. In the midst of their play, Brandy accidentally shot Madison with a spongy ball. Madison is "fussing" at her mama in the above photo!

There were all kinds of activities to do inside the ball pit, and all of them involved those little spongy, colored balls. Notice in the background, how the balls are floating in the air over that machine.

This photo was taken at the top area of the ball pit. There are lots more activities to do up in the loft area of the pit, such as rolling on or riding padded barrels
or shooting balls out of long barreled gun things...

My favorite activity was filling up the large bin as many balls as possible--before it dumped them back out on us. We had to feed them into a hole, then watch them get sucked up, and deposited into the bin. I was thrilled when I was actually able to snap a photo of the balls dumping on us!
So a bad beginning of the day, made for a good ending. I'm glad Madison got part of her immunizations out of the way, and I enjoyed watching her play at The Clubhouse! Madison just might get to do it all over again when she goes back for the rest of her immunizations in six weeks!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Caden Loved Shoes...

I mentioned yesterday that I've been going through old photos, and burning them onto cd's. In the process of doing this, I've discovered a few "treasures" that I want to go back and share on this blog. Today the spotlight is on Caden--and shoes!

From the time Caden was able to walk, he became fascinated with shoes--everybody's shoes! If you took your shoes off, you can bet that Caden was gonna' wear them!

Here's a photo of Caden sportin' his mama's yellow highheels!

Caden wearing MiMi's walking shoes...

and Caden wearing somebody's flip flops!

Seeing the above photo of Caden wearing flip flops reminds me of the time when he nabbed Jennifer's flip flops, and ended up putting them in the toilet! I was the one who left the bathroom door open, so I was the one who got to retreive the flop flops from inside of the toilet! Lucky me!

I sure do miss those fun days of watching Caden clomp around the house wearing everybody's shoes! He's pretty much lost interest in most shoes these days, but occasionally he still likes to try on a pair or two of Madison's--which usually results in an arugment between the two of them ....Oh the joys of grandchildren--and shoes!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maddie's First Face Painting...

Lately I've been going through my photos, and putting them on CD's. While doing this, I've found some cute photos that I haven't shared on my blog. This particular set of photos was taken last July Fourth, while we were staying at St. Simon's Island.

While we were visiting in the Village, beside the pier, Madison saw some people getting their faces painted. We asked her if she'd like to have her face painted. At first she said "no", but then she changed her mind. The photo above was taken while Madison waited in line. Finally, it was Madison's turn...

Madison sat in the chair, but she wasn't sure about the whole process. You can see the uncertainty on her face. What do you think she chose to have painted on her face? A rainbow? Perhaps, a smiley face?

No! Madison wanted a Mickey Mouse on her face! She's all finished and is admiring her face in this photo. Fun memories...

Saying Goodbye To A Furry Friend...

Maddie and Junior last fall...

Caden and Junior last spring...

I have no light-hearted post for today, for my heart is feeling heavy with grief...You see, yesterday was one of those days that we all hate to face, even though we know it is inevitable--saying goodbye to a family pet.

Junior entered our lives approximately nine years ago. He became my daughter and her husband's first "child"--hence the name "Junior". That being the case, of course, Junior became my first "grandchild", too.

We have many fond memories of Junior from the past nine years. He was a faithful, loyal friend to all of us, and even to the grandchildren after they came along. He spent many happy days watching the children playing in the yard.

It's been hard this past year, watching Junior's health decline. He suffered so much these past few weeks, it's been difficult to watch. As hard as it was to say goodbye, it's a relief to know that he's finally at peace now. Rest in peace faithful'll be sorely missed.