Friday, March 11, 2011

Something Bad/Something Good...

Wednesday of this week started out with Madison having to go to the pediatrician for those always awful, always dreaded, immunization shots! I just tagged along for the ride.

The day began with Madison's mama being told by the nurse that Madison would be needing five shots that day! Now, call us old-fashioned, but we happen to think five shots at one time is a little bit much!!!

After some arguing back and forth, the pediatrician finally realized that five immunizations were not going to be happening for Madison that day. She received two of them, plus a finger prick. That was the bad part of the day...

The day improved considerably, after we ate some lunch, then headed for a new establishment called "The Clubhouse". Visiting "The Clubhouse" was Madison's reward for having to endure a doctor visit, and three sticks!

I'd never been to The Clubhouse, but Madison and her family had recently gone there on a church outing. It was an impressive place! The Clubhouse has miniature golf, batting cages, laser tag, bowling, a ball pit, all kinds of arcade games, and a restaurant--all under one roof!

Here's a photograph of Madison posing by some of the games.

As soon as Madison's ticket had been purchased, she headed for her favorite thing--The Ball Pit! I was impressed with how quickly she was able to climb the rope ladder to reach the loft area of the pit. Going to school has been good for Madison in a lot of different ways!

Unfortunately, Madison was the only child in The Clubhouse that day, so her mama had to eventually go up inside the ball pit and play with her a bit. In the midst of their play, Brandy accidentally shot Madison with a spongy ball. Madison is "fussing" at her mama in the above photo!

There were all kinds of activities to do inside the ball pit, and all of them involved those little spongy, colored balls. Notice in the background, how the balls are floating in the air over that machine.

This photo was taken at the top area of the ball pit. There are lots more activities to do up in the loft area of the pit, such as rolling on or riding padded barrels
or shooting balls out of long barreled gun things...

My favorite activity was filling up the large bin as many balls as possible--before it dumped them back out on us. We had to feed them into a hole, then watch them get sucked up, and deposited into the bin. I was thrilled when I was actually able to snap a photo of the balls dumping on us!
So a bad beginning of the day, made for a good ending. I'm glad Madison got part of her immunizations out of the way, and I enjoyed watching her play at The Clubhouse! Madison just might get to do it all over again when she goes back for the rest of her immunizations in six weeks!

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Beth said...

ummm 5 thanks! I am here from the Over 40 blog hop! Have a nice day!

LynnMarie said...

Well the day turned out just fine for both of you. 5 shots all at once! OUCH. I remember spreading out the shots for our children but that was a LONG time ago. Boy how things have changed.

Mary said...

5 shots is an awful lot for a little girl to have to endure.
I love her leggings! Too cute!

LC said...

Great post! Have been to a few similar establishments, but none with that kind of "ball pit." Good for Maddie's grownups, saying No to five shots in one day.

Rachel said...

That looks like a fun end to the day! What an awesome place!