Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy Sheets...

Just when I think I've seen it all--Maddie does it again! Yesterday when I went over to Maddie's for a little visit, she greeted me with the news that "a hole came in mama's blanket!" As I was telling her that we could sew it up, my daughter broke in to tell me the whole story...

Years ago, when my daughter and son-in-law got married, they received several sets of sheets as gifts. Would you believe every set was beige? Well, one of the sets was a very high thread count, and were extremely soft. My daughter loved those sheets so much, that she's used them over and over for nearly ten years! Finally, the inevitable has happened--some holes wore into the sheets where my son-in-law rubs his foot each night.

When changing the sheets yesterday, my daughter discovered the holes. She decided it was finally time to discard the well-worn sheets, and she put them into the trash can.

Upon seeing her mother discarding the sheets, Maddie began to cry and beg her to not to throw the sheet away. Brandy left the room, only to return and find Maddie, with part of the sheet pulled out of the trash can, rubbing it on her little face, while sucking her finger...Brandy's heart melted.

She did what any good mother would do--and removed the sheet from the trash can! Then she called her mother-in-law and asked if she might be able to make Maddie a little blanket out of part of the sheet. (Her mother-in-law makes blankets for gifts.) Wasn't that sweet? Who would have thought that a sheet could mean so much to a four-year-old! It just goes to show--you never know what is special to our little ones!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Men And A Toddler...

On Saturday, Cade's mother was gone out-of-town, with some other ladies in the wedding party, to look at some bridesmaid's dresses for our youngest son, Brad's, wedding. Late in the afternoon, my son, Brett, picked Cade up from his aunt's house since he'd been there most of the day.

Since both of my sons were alone for the evening, while their ladies were still shopping, they decided to take Cade and go to Wal-mart and Lowes together! It's a 30 minute drive to get there. I was surprised, but very pleased to hear that my guys attempted this because it was a "milestone" for both of them! To my knowledge, neither of them has ever taken a toddler shopping--without a woman around!

I laughed at son Brad's "play-by-play" account of their experience, but it sounded like everything went along fine, and I think Brad was amused... Cade is now in his "terrible twos", which means he's moody and tempermental sometimes. I think both fellows dealt with Cade's "likes" and "dislikes" pretty well! (one minute he likes something, the next he doesn't)

Congratulations, to both of my sons. I'm very proud of them for taking a toddler shopping--and succeeding in actually making a purchase! In my opinion, that speaks well for both of them!