Sunday, April 29, 2012

Take Me Out To A T-Ball Game...

Last week Ed and I shared a new experience!  We went out to our local Rec. Dept. to watch our first T-ball game!  You may be wondering how in the world we've lived all of these years without watching T-ball, but it's true, we'd never watched T-ball, until last Tuesday!

Grandson, Caden, is playing T-ball for the first time this year, so we went to watch him play.  Grandchildren have a way of getting us to try new things sometimes!

My first thought was where in the world has time gone?  It seems like just yesterday when Caden was taking his first steps...But there he was, all dressed up in his little ball uniform and cap...So cute!  In fact, we had to wait while the teams finished taking pictures before the game could get underway.

I was busy having a little "MiMi Time" with baby Chase during the ball game.  That meant that Ed was left to do "camera duty".  (I'm usually the photographer of the family.)  While Ed's camera skills could use a little improvement, he still managed to capture Caden batting and then running the bases (and also doing a few other things along the way...)  Ed also filmed Caden's turn catching and throwing the ball...Such cute and precious moments, I just had to share...By the way, Caden is #3 (in red).