Thursday, October 13, 2011


There is an old country music song, made popular many years ago, called Swingin'.  It was originally recorded and made famous by John Anderson.  That song is what comes to mind whenever I look at this picture.

You see, the highlight of the week for these two is when Cade's daddy starts them "swingin".  Nobody can do it quite like Brett does--and these two will quickly tell you that!

Brett holds down the leg of the swing set with one arm, and swings them into orbit with the other!  They absolutely love it.  The squeals of laughter and delight resemble those you would hear coming from an amusement ride!  The sounds resonate over the entire yard, and into our houses.

The rest of us cringe and silently hold our breath as we watch the two children hurling back and forth at warp speed, but the three "kids" at the swing set are oblivious to anything except having fun.  I guess it's good that there is at least one "kid at heart" among the rest of us "old poops"!

One thing for sure...I'll bet "swingin" will always be remembered as an awesome time in the minds of these children--but only when Brett was doing the pushing!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stolen Moments Of Maddie With Her Friend...

I believe that one picture is worth a thousand words...I just had to share these.  The saga of Maddie and her Halloween friend continues.  She'll laugh about this one day. (I hope)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Reuniting With An Old Friend...

Last year

Do you see that white plastic ghost in the baby swing?  I bought it as a gift for my daughter, Brandy, many years ago.  Brandy had recently moved out, and was living on her own.  She didn't have much money left to spend after paying her bills, so sometimes I'd buy her a few decorations around the holidays.   This ghost was one of those decorations.

Last year, when Brandy brought out the old ghost for Halloween, her daughter, Madison, became quite attached to it.  She carried it all around the yard and pretended that it was her best friend.  We found this so amusing, that I took a photo and blogged about it.

This year

Last week, Brandy got out the Halloween decorations again.  Nothing has changed!  Madison grabbed the old ghost and off the two of them went!  They played on the swings, they slid down the sliding board, and Madison even drop-kicked the poor old ghost a few times.  We had to caution her about being so rough with her "friend".

Madison's mom captured the above photo while the "friends" were resting...Isn't it wonderful to know that some friendships can withstand the test of time--and being packed away in a box?!