Thursday, September 15, 2011

She's Going To School and Lovin' It...

I'm happy to report that Madison is really enjoying going to school.  In fact, she seems almost bored when she's at home now.  I'm so glad that she looks forward to school each day.  Her mother sure didn't!

Madison's teacher happens to be the daughter of my second cousin, which makes the two of them distant cousins.  How about that!  Her name is "Miss Bridget".  The teacher is also the age of our youngest son, Brad.  Man, I'm feeling old!

The other day, I commented to Brandy how Madison is beginning to lose her "babyish" looks, and is beginning to look more like a young girl.  Oh this makes me sad...I'm not ready for her to grow up, but grow up she must!

On a totally different note, there is something very interesting about the above photograph.  Growing in the flowerbed, directly behind Madison, is a watermelon vine, with a large watermelon growing on it!  The vine sprang up from the seeds of a watermelon eaten earlier in the summer.  September there's a strange concept.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grandparent's Day Surprises...

I never remember when Grandparent's Day is, but Madison and Cade do--thanks to their thoughtful mothers. For the past several years, the children have surprised Ed and me with delightful and thoughtful gifts. This year was no exception.

Madison brought us a hand-decorated gift bag filled with all sorts of items.  Each item in the bag represented something. 

For instance, there was a clock to remind us that time passes quickly, so we should enjoy every minute (we've learned that lesson all too well), a candle to remind us that we are the light of our grandchildren's eyes, and some Starburst candy for an extra burst of energy when we wear out, but the grand kids don't!  So thoughtful!  We love our bag of goodies, and will put everything to good use!

Late in the day, Caden brought us a framed photo collage of himself, which said: Grandchildren-a reward for growing old. How true!

All of the photos on the collage were taken at Chuck E Cheese, so Cade was looking very happy in all them!  There were also two hand-made cards that represent Ed and me.  We got a good laugh out of those replica cards!

We are thankful for these thoughtful gifts, but most of all we are thankful for the privilege of being a part of the lives of these two precious little ones.  They don't call them "grands" for nothing!