Friday, February 25, 2011

Wanna' Play Pool...

A couple of weeks ago, when we actually had our pool table uncovered for a change, my husband introduced Cade to the game of pool--without the use of a stick! "E" showed Cade how to roll a ball, and hit the other balls with it--and if you're lucky, make the balls land in the pockets!

Cade liked this new game, and took to it like a "duck takes to water"! Unfortunately, pretty soon some of the pool balls began finding their way onto the floor...Which made me think of something that I'd packed away a long time ago!

Our children's old Fisher-Price game table! We got it out of storage, and put it up beside our big pool table. Now the grandkids have a table of their own to play with that's just their size--and that makes Cade smile...(and MiMi, too)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Recent Happenings Around Here...

Cade at the party, posing with his family

The last time I saw Cade was on Saturday night, at his mama's surprise birthday party. His mama celebrated her thirtieth birthday last Tuesday, and was surprised with a party the following Saturday evening.

At first, Cade wasn't at the birthday party. He got left with a sitter, because his mama thought she was going to church to practice singing for an upcoming church function. She arrived at church to find the annex filled with family and friends, ready to celebrate her birthday!

Cade arrived at the party, with his babysitter, a little while later. My husband didn't see Cade and the sitter come in, but I did. A few minutes later my husband turned to me and said, "that little boy over there looks a lot like Cade." I looked at him and said, "Honey, that is Cade!" (I really need to get my hubby to the eye doctor...)

It wasn't long before Cade spotted us sitting at the table. He eventually walked over to where we were, looked up at my husband, and said "Whatcha' doin' E"? It was so cute! I can't get over how well he communicates these a little adult!

On Tuesday, my husband was out in the field watering our newly planted pecan trees. He was using his tractor to pull the water trailer. My husband looked up and spotted Cade and his daddy outside watching him, so he rode over to them on the tractor.

Apparently, Cade decided he'd like to go for his first tractor ride with "E"--and I missed it! I'm sad because I usually try to record such moments with my camera! My husband said that Cade sat very still, and seemed to enjoy the ride. I hope that will be the first of many tractor rides. Next time I'll be watching--with my camera in my hand!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf....

I've been meaning to write about this crazy game that Madison and my husband play together. She pretends to be "Little Red Ridinghood", while he pretends to be "The Big Bad Wolf". See her in the photo wearing her coat like a cloak?

Madison wears her coat on her head, and prances around the house, while "E" makes an ugly face and pretends like he's going to eat her up! I must say..."E" makes a rather convincing wolf--with those bushy eyebrows and that ugly face that only he can make!

Now that cold weather will soon be over, and the pink coat will be put away, I guess the two of them will have to find another game to play! I can hardly wait to see what the two of them come up with next!

Hey, I'm linking up with a fun, new blog hop today! It's called Tuesday Train. It's hosted by several great blogs that I recently began following. The hostesses are House On The Corner , Survival Mama , With Faith Family and Friends , and My Mad Mind. I failed to get the button to work today, but just click on any of the hostess links for details on how to enter the hop. Thanks ladies for hosting this fun hop!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Like Siblings...

With so much going on in our family, I hadn't kept both of the grandchildren together in a while, until one day last week. The last time I had the two of them together for any length of time, Cade was just beginning to talk, and he was still pretty content letting Madison be "the boss".

Well...everything's changed now. Cade can "talk up a storm" and he's no longer content to be bossed around. The two of them act "just like siblings"--which means, there's about as much squabbling going on as there is playing! What one has...the other one wants. You know the scenario!

I think visits at MiMi's house just got a whole lot more interesting!

There is one thing the two of them have no problem agreeing on--they both enjoy eating at MiMi's house! gotta' start somewhere!