Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Like Siblings...

With so much going on in our family, I hadn't kept both of the grandchildren together in a while, until one day last week. The last time I had the two of them together for any length of time, Cade was just beginning to talk, and he was still pretty content letting Madison be "the boss".

Well...everything's changed now. Cade can "talk up a storm" and he's no longer content to be bossed around. The two of them act "just like siblings"--which means, there's about as much squabbling going on as there is playing! What one has...the other one wants. You know the scenario!

I think visits at MiMi's house just got a whole lot more interesting!

There is one thing the two of them have no problem agreeing on--they both enjoy eating at MiMi's house! gotta' start somewhere!

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LC said...

It is wonderful they have each other. I had a boy cousin, too, five months younger. We squabbled and tussled. But we also played together and went on kid adventures together. You know--building forts, climbing trees, digging in the dirt. . . all that important stuff. Loved this post.