Thursday, November 26, 2009

Madison Has a Christmas Visitor...

This week's giveaway is a 24 piece Christmas puzzle in a box. A little something to keep the children occupied during the Christmas season. Scroll down to the end of this post to find out how to win it!

The Visitor

Yesterday, this cute little pixie elf and a book telling about him arrived at Madison's house--straight from the North Pole!

It seems that Santa sends out these little elves to stay in children's houses and "spy" on them during the Christmas season.

The first order of the day after receiving the special elf, is to give him a name. Then he is to be placed on a shelf or similar spot so he can "keep an eye" on the children of the house. Children are not allowed to touch him or he will "lose his magic". They may talk to him, but not touch him.

At night, when everyone is asleep, the pixie elf "returns to the North Pole" and reports on the behavior of the day to Santa Claus, then he returns to a different spot in the child's home to get ready to begin the next day's "watch". The pixie elf is there as a constant reminder to "be on your best behavior".

As each new day begins, part of the fun is to get out of bed and try to find the elf's new spot for the day. Each day he will be sitting in a different place "keeping watch".

I love this little visitor that is staying at Madison's house and found out about him through another blogger. If you'd like to know more about him just visit this site There are some cute games and activities for children on the sight.

Now, here's the interesting part about Madison and her visitor...she's afraid to go look for him because he moves around her house! It sort of freaks her out! That's my Madison!


To have a chance to win the puzzle, just choose a number between 1 and 100. Whoever comes closest to the number chosen by without going over will win the puzzle! You can choose up to three numbers. Just leave your number choices as a comment. If two people choose the winning number, the person choosing it first is the winner. Contest ends at midnight Sunday night.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MiMi's Poem for Madison and Caden...

I raised three children, but when they were grown,
I wanted some grandchildren of my own.

After Brandy's year of trying and a year of stress,
The Lord saw fit our family to bless...

With Madison Elizabeth, a grandchild to love
A beautiful child, sent from heaven above.

She was so precious and tiny,
and such a welcome sight!

I sat up in a chair
and just held her all night.(really, I did)

Then two short years later, God increased my joy
When he blessed our son, Brett, with a baby boy!

A precious little bundle,
dressed in monkeys on blue.

Caden Wesley came to live in Gooseneck,
and joined the rest of the family, too.

My days are so full, the house littered with toys,
I knew it would be great, but never imagined the joys!

A new generation of children is off to a good start,
and I love them both with all of my heart!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Favorite Little Man Is Sick

This is a recent photograph of Cade playing with his parents at my house. He was playing with a new toy that a friend had given my daughter. Cade has spent a lot of time playing with this interesting new toy that does many different things with little plastic blocks. He's learned how to put the blocks in a stack on the side of the cube, then press a lever to release them all at one time.

Cade has been sick all weekend. He has a cold. Head colds are miserable for babies, especially when they suck a pacifier to go to sleep! I hope that he will soon be feeling better. I hate for him to feel bad. I sent my humidifier home with Cade's daddy. I hope it helps him breath easier tonight. I am sure both he and his mama could use a good night's sleep.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Maddie Monday!

It's been a couple of weeks since I did a Not Me--er... Not Maddie post, so I think I'll give it a whirl today. Madison is so unpredictable these days, she's just full of "Not Me's". While most children may have terrible two's, Madison is experiencng terrible three's.
It's hard to tell, but Madison is not actually sticking her tongue out at me(slightly) as I am taking this picture--because she didn't want to have her picture...

Maddie does not get "hyped up" every time my husband, or my two sons come around. There is something about the presence of any of these males that makes her go into "over-drive". She gets loud, over-excited, and usually ends up getting into trouble.

Not long ago, Maddie and her mama were out doing some errands. Maddie was misbehaving and her mama threatened her--to which Maddie did not reply "you don't have your fly swat." Maddie's mama now has a short-handled fly swat that she carries in her purse where ever she goes...MiMi also keeps a little paddle handy...

Last week while Brandy was attempting to trim Maddie's toenails, Maddie was not whinning and saying "But I want to keep my toenail!"

After joyfully playing outside with me while I gathered pecans earlier in the week, Maddie did not announce to her mama at the end of the week that "I just can't pick up pecans today!" (she never picked up any in the first place)

Saturday while her mother was still gathering pecans, Maddie did not begin to pull up her shirt and "flash" the passing cars on the highway! Honestly, she did! Her mama proceeded to have a talk with her about that! We have no idea why, or where she got the idea to do this! Sometimes I wonder about the theory of reincarnation...Maybe she lived in New Orleans in a previous life and loved those Mardi Gras beads...

Madison did not wake up in the middle of the night last week. She did not wake her mama up, also. The two of them did not sit and watch QVC on television until the wee hours of the morning...they were watching Mr. those Christmas decorations!

That's about it for this past week's adventures. You might like to hop on over to Mckmama's place at and see what other's have "not been doing" lately. Have a great Monday!