Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Maddie Monday!

It's been a couple of weeks since I did a Not Me--er... Not Maddie post, so I think I'll give it a whirl today. Madison is so unpredictable these days, she's just full of "Not Me's". While most children may have terrible two's, Madison is experiencng terrible three's.
It's hard to tell, but Madison is not actually sticking her tongue out at me(slightly) as I am taking this picture--because she didn't want to have her picture...

Maddie does not get "hyped up" every time my husband, or my two sons come around. There is something about the presence of any of these males that makes her go into "over-drive". She gets loud, over-excited, and usually ends up getting into trouble.

Not long ago, Maddie and her mama were out doing some errands. Maddie was misbehaving and her mama threatened her--to which Maddie did not reply "you don't have your fly swat." Maddie's mama now has a short-handled fly swat that she carries in her purse where ever she goes...MiMi also keeps a little paddle handy...

Last week while Brandy was attempting to trim Maddie's toenails, Maddie was not whinning and saying "But I want to keep my toenail!"

After joyfully playing outside with me while I gathered pecans earlier in the week, Maddie did not announce to her mama at the end of the week that "I just can't pick up pecans today!" (she never picked up any in the first place)

Saturday while her mother was still gathering pecans, Maddie did not begin to pull up her shirt and "flash" the passing cars on the highway! Honestly, she did! Her mama proceeded to have a talk with her about that! We have no idea why, or where she got the idea to do this! Sometimes I wonder about the theory of reincarnation...Maybe she lived in New Orleans in a previous life and loved those Mardi Gras beads...

Madison did not wake up in the middle of the night last week. She did not wake her mama up, also. The two of them did not sit and watch QVC on television until the wee hours of the morning...they were watching Mr. those Christmas decorations!

That's about it for this past week's adventures. You might like to hop on over to Mckmama's place at and see what other's have "not been doing" lately. Have a great Monday!

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Kathy, She is to precious. Keep her toenails... That is priceless. Thank You for sharing. I enjoyed reading your not me. Have a great day my friend. Blessings,