Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Maddie's Been Up To Lately...

Would you believe it's still five days until Easter, and Madison already has one Easter Egg Hunt "under her belt"?  She attended a church egg hunt with a little friend, weekend before last.  It would appear that Madison has become pretty good at finding those hidden eggs...I think she had a really good time!

This past weekend, Madison attended her first "Tea Party" birthday party.  All of the guests dressed up, and were served "tea".  Madison's comments concerning the party?  "They had lots of food"!  It was her friend, Ally's, fifth birthday.

Here's a photo of Madison (on the left) seated with one of the other guests at the party.  Aren't little girls the sweetest things when they are dressed up?

More fun adventures await Madison this week--and the next!  On Thursday, there will be an Egg Hunt at her pre-school, followed by another Egg Hunt at my house, on Easter Sunday.  Of course, Madison will be coloring some eggs over the weekend, too!

Next weekend Madison will be the "Flower Girl" in an "out-of-town" family wedding.  I'm also hearing plans of a possible trip to the zoo, with cousins Cade and Chase, scheduled for the weekend after the wedding!  Busy times, but so much fun!