Thursday, February 2, 2012

Minding Our P's and Q's...

Time is quickly flying by, and I seem to have less and less time for blogging these days...One of the reasons I have a little less time is because of the pretty little girl in the picture above!  That's our granddaughter, Madison, posing for a photograph, immediately after arriving home from school one day. I usually pick her up from school on Tuesdays, and sometimes she's dressed so cute I have to take a picture!

Anyway, Madison's pre-school class is learning to form the letters of the alphabet, and some of this has been a bit difficult for Madison.  That's where this MiMi comes in.  I worked in first grade for 15 years, so I've had lots of experience with teaching handwriting!  Maddie's mom asked me if I'd be willing to help Madison with her handwriting.  The prospect of helping Madison was a win/win situation for me.  First of all, I'd get some one-on-one time with Madison, and second of all I'd be doing what I love best--teaching!

It was slow going at first, but Madison and I seem to have hit our stride now.  She's improving with every session, and she and I have a good time playing a game of her choice afterward.  That girl loves to play games--and if I don't watch her, she'll try to cheat! Ha Ha

So, the next time you hop over here for a visit, and you don't see a recent post--I just might be helping Madison with her p's and her q's...or her b's and d's!  Or we could be in the middle of a game of "Candyland" or "Who Stole the Cookie".  Fun times for sure!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Guess Who Turned One Month Old This Weekend?!

On Friday, January 27, this sweet little bundle, also known as "Baby Chase", celebrated his one-month birthday!  Say it isn't so!  Can a month really have passed already?

I'd just spent some time with Chase on Wednesday morning, but when I saw him again on Friday evening I exclaimed " My goodness, how he's grown!"  It was as if he'd grown overnight--and indeed,  he had!

I was curious, so I pulled out my old set of baby scales and weighed our newest little bundle of joy.  He weighed in at 10 pounds even!  Chase may be "gassy" and he may let out a "grunt" (I think it's his way of expressing his opinion) whenever he's passed around, but he's also "growing" like a weed!

Of course, growing is exactly what our new little one is supposed to be doing, and I think he's doing his job quite well!  I just wish time would s-l-o-w down just a this rate, I'll  blink my eyes and he'll be graduating from high school!