Monday, January 30, 2012

Guess Who Turned One Month Old This Weekend?!

On Friday, January 27, this sweet little bundle, also known as "Baby Chase", celebrated his one-month birthday!  Say it isn't so!  Can a month really have passed already?

I'd just spent some time with Chase on Wednesday morning, but when I saw him again on Friday evening I exclaimed " My goodness, how he's grown!"  It was as if he'd grown overnight--and indeed,  he had!

I was curious, so I pulled out my old set of baby scales and weighed our newest little bundle of joy.  He weighed in at 10 pounds even!  Chase may be "gassy" and he may let out a "grunt" (I think it's his way of expressing his opinion) whenever he's passed around, but he's also "growing" like a weed!

Of course, growing is exactly what our new little one is supposed to be doing, and I think he's doing his job quite well!  I just wish time would s-l-o-w down just a this rate, I'll  blink my eyes and he'll be graduating from high school!


NanaDiana said...

Oh- He is getting big. I love those baby days and they sure don't last long, do they? Hugs-Diana

LynnMarie said...

They grow by the hour!!! Happy Birthday to Chase. He sure looks happy.

Tami said...

Chase is an adorable little boy! It reminds me of my little boys and the days they were young. I already have one who graduated, one who graduates next year and the other is a freshman in high school. You are right, the time goes by too quickly

Anonymous said...

The next thing you know he'll be Caden's age and so on. They do grow up fast. It's an amazing thing to watch, and a wonderful gift from God. :-)

LC said...

So precious!